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Drive employee development, maximise retention and increase inclusion with Guider’s intelligent mentoring and peer learning software.

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Supercharge your people goals

Unite learning, engagement, and development to build a booming work culture.
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Enhance Engagement

67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.

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Develop Leadership

84% of CEOs stated that mentoring has helped them avoid mistakes within their businesses.

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Improve Diversity and Inclusion

67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities.

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Nurture Graduate Talent

68% of millennials with a mentor intend to stay with their organisation for over 5 years compared to the 32% than peers who don’t.

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Streamline Onboarding

22% of turnover occurs within an employee’s first 45 days of employment, and up to 40% of employees who leave their jobs do so within the first year

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Our complete mentoring toolkit gives you everything you need to create and scale an effective workplace mentoring program that’ll close skill gaps, boost employee engagement, and help your team hit new heights.

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See how we’ve helped some of the biggest names utilise peer learning to upskill, engage and retain talent.

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The complete enterprise mentoring software

Diversity & Inclusion

Customise your mentoring programs

Create mentoring and peer learning programs that deliver on your HR and L&D goals. From 1:1 mentoring, nurturing graduate talent, to improving diversity and inclusion, design the best programs for your organisation

Save time with automatic mentor matching

Ensure the right connections are made - even at scale. Our matching algorithm pairs your team based on skills, goals, experience and more, reducing admin hours.

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Demonstrate value with powerful analytics

Measure business impact and program performance in an instant. Our real-time metrics help you track utilisation rates and keep up with any trends by location, role or skills

Enrich your mentoring experience with our Learning Hub

Enhance mentor and mentee development with our built-in content library Access articles and videos across topics like DE&I, skill development and more Close skill gaps with supplementary content Ensure every employee can grow as a mentor or mentee

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