Powerful analytics that track L&D success and proves ROI

Manage your mentoring programme and get insights into performance in seconds

Maximise L&D impact with our analytics dashboard

How our mentoring analytics work

Centralised reporting for easy management

Simplify the complexities of programme management with Guider’s advanced analytics and reporting.

Access a wide range of metrics that help you demonstrate ROI and make data-driven improvements to your employee’s learning experience.

Metrics that drive success

Get a complete view of performance with metrics at all levels, from across the organisation, right down to specific users. Track everything from overall participation to individual goals, and arm yourself with the insights you need to make changes.

Deep analytics for targeted improvements

Dive into the specifics with detailed programme analytics. Keep tabs on active participants and evolving goal trends, providing you with the granular data you need for measuring programme effectiveness and engagement.

Ivy Wong

Legal Geek

“With Guider’s advance reporting, we’ve saved hours of upfront analysis time (6+ hours) and ongoing administration time (1-2 hours/month).”

Streamlined L&D reporting

Enterprise-level reporting

Craft reports that resonate with your organisation’s unique needs. From broad overviews to detailed drill-downs, tailor your analytics to get the most relevant insights.

Intuitive data visualisation

Guider transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights. Our visualisation tools help you grasp trends, identify areas for improvement, and communicate results effectively across teams.

Efficiency and time-saving

Streamline your reporting processes. Spend less time compiling data and more time leveraging insights. Guider’s advanced reporting automates the heavy lifting, saving you hours in analysis and administration.

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