2024 National Mentoring Month: Embracing Goal-Setting

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As National Mentoring Month rolls in, it’s time we explain what it is, who it’s for and why it’s so important to get involved. This is an important time for mentoring relationships to recognise, and this year, we want to spotlight an essential aspect of mentorship – goal setting. At Guider, we’re excited to launch our “Setting Objectives Campaign”, a focused effort to enhance mentoring relationships through structured goal setting. This initiative is not just about setting objectives; it’s about setting the path to success for both mentees and mentors.

What is National Mentoring Month?

January is National Mentoring Month, a global initiative that inspires mentorship and highlights its transformative impact on personal and career progression. It’s a time when communities and organisations worldwide recognise and promote mentorship, and for mentors and mentees to reflect on their journey. 

National Mentoring Month Key Dates to Bookmark

Our National Mentoring Month Campaign

At Guider, we’ve decided to run a ‘Start the Year Right’ initiative, a campaign dedicated to empowering participants to set and achieve meaningful goals. Our focus is on the power of goal setting within mentoring relationships, an aspect we believe is pivotal for both personal and professional growth.

Through Guider’s intuitive platform, mentees have the unique opportunity to plan and set specific goals to be shared and reviewed with their mentors. This process not only aids in clarifying objectives but also ensures that both parties are aligned, so progression can be reviewed throughout the mentoring relationship. In turn, L&D leaders can monitor goal progression and consistently assess the success of mentoring. 

Why Goal-Setting Matters in Mentorship

Goal setting is a critical component in any mentoring relationship, regardless of its specific focus. Whether it’s mentoring for specific skills, career development or leadership development, setting well-defined goals is essential. Research shows that it can increase productivity and efficiency by 20-25%

Setting specific goals helps in clarifying expectations, tracking progress, and ensuring that the mentoring relationship remains focused and effective. By participating in Guider’s National Mentoring Month campaign, mentees and mentors can expect a more structured and goal-oriented mentoring experience, one that brings clarity and focus to their interactions and ultimately leads to more meaningful and productive outcomes.

For more insights on mentorship and to participate in our mentoring initiatives, visit Guider’s blog and join us in celebrating the power of mentoring.

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