The Hot Topic: AI at Learning Technologies 2024

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I’m a speaker at this year’s Learning Technologies, representing Guider alongside our Head of Revenue, Mike Pryke, for our talk:

 “AI is not the (only) answer: unlock the power of your workforce with mentoring

We’ve seen the seminar programme – there’s over 50 talks dedicated to AI. We knew it was a competitive subject, but we didn’t anticipate it would be this popular. On reflection, it’s not surprising; it’s evidence that technology is revolutionising learning as we know it. Within this article, I’ll talk through my perspective of AI in learning, why it’s become the hottest topic for this year’s #LearningTechnologies and provide our plan to stand out in this immensely crowded field. 

Is 20 too many?

Why AI? 

As Content Marketing Manager at Guider, I’ve been researching on the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). Its popularity at Learning Technologies is no coincidence; it reflects a broader trend of growing interest and application. This year’s LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report shows that four out of five people express a keen interest in learning more about how AI can be applied within their professional day-to-day, and last year conversations around AI surged by 70%

AI in L&D 

This intense focus on AI at Learning Technologies and beyond underlines the deep impact AI has on L&D. We have more capabilities for personalised learning experiences, predictive analytics, and addressing skill shortages. Objectives L&D professionals tackle daily will be hindered or helped through machine learning, and, as inquisitors, we search for more information to mitigate this impact. Take gender disparity – a challenge for most L&D professionals. Only 1 in 4 researchers publishing AI research was a woman, suggesting a notable gender gap from AI’s inception. How will this affect us long term? With L&D covering DE&I, skill development, career progression, onboarding, engagement and more, it reminds us how wide-reaching the impact of AI will be. 

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Learning Technologies’ seminars: who we want to see

Learning Technologies serves as a crucial platform for exploring emerging trends, and, despite the noise, we are glad to be a part of the AI-hype! We’ve followed our step-by-step guide for navigating Learning Technologies and created a shortlist of must-see seminars.

Seminars we recommend:

  • As a global business, we are excited to hear from Chetan Khushal from RWS for “Learning for International Audiences: Strategies for Effective Learning Transfer across Diverse Markets” discussing customised learning in global markets Wednesday, 17th, 13:15 – 13:45, Seminar Theatre 9 
  • Real insights on AI from an expert, Giuseppe Tomasello, Vice President of AI at Docebo. We will be at “Bridging the Gap with AI: Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Content Creation” Wednesday 17 April 2024 14:45 – 15:15 Seminar Theatre 2
  • We want to see Saurav Chopra for “The Magic of Micro Learning” to learn more flexible and impactful learning approaches Thursday, 18, 11:05 – 11:20, Bitesize Learning Zone 2
  • For me, I always want to improve my expertise in impactful messaging to drive engagement, so I’ll be attending “How to tell impactful stories: a masterclass” by Lucy Evans Thursday, 18 April, 14:00 – 14:30, Seminar Theatre 7
  • Finally, we know negotiation skills are essential to all L&D professionals. Check out Catherine Maitrier’s talk on”High-impact L&D: Developing Negotiation Skills to Drive Exceptional Business Value” Thursday, 18 April, 14:00 – 14:30, Theatre 9)

AI is not the (only) answer: cutting through the noise

How could I not mention my own talk? 

After weeks of curation, I’ll be presenting my research alongside Mike – a certified ChatGPT nerd. 

Join us on Wednesday 17 April 2024 at 10:15 – 10:45 in Seminar Theatre 6, as we discuss the pressures on L&D to use AI and the downfalls associated with it. From over-personalisation causing impersonalisation, to dwindling engagement, we’ll uncover that AI is not the only answer, and that real-life experiences and human connection are still essential for your initiatives and critical for genuine growth. We see first-hand the exponential impact of formal mentoring, coaching and peer learning programmes in tackling DE&I, Gen Z engagement and leadership development and look forward to sharing our insights. 

Come find us at J35  

As I prepare to present at #LT24UK, I’m glad that to be speaking about this popular topic. It’s clear that this is an intersection of AI and human-driven learning, and we are driving it! I’m looking forward to engaging with fellow professionals, eager to learn, grow and inspire. Come share your thoughts with myself and team Guider at stand J35 – see you there!

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AI is not the (only) answer: unlock the power of your workforce with mentoring

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