How to Use AI Tools For Coaching and Mentoring

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If there’s one thing that businesses can’t stop talking about right now, it’s AI. From ChatGPT to Dall-E, it’s clear that we’re living in the AI era.

As the world adapts to AI, it’s a great time for early adopters to take full advantage and understand the main ways in which it can help businesses across the board. 

And while AI is still in it’s infancy; that doesn’t mean it can’t already be used for coaching and for mentoring. Here we outline the creative ways that you can start adopting AI into your coaching or mentoring practice. 

How is AI being adopted for coaching and mentoring? 

First up, let’s look at the ways that AI can be used in coaching and mentoring on an industry level.

There are a few different areas in which AI is thriving in the industry, and already has the power to change how businesses operate.

These are: 

1. Psychometric testing

A psychometric test is used to understand an individuals skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and job/academic potential.

Psychometrics can be largely automated with the help of AI. It’s already a big part of certain industries practices and the answers provided can give recruiters an interesting insight into the skills and abilities of certain candidates. 

Using an AI psychometrics test, candidates can be evaluated without any human involvement. An AI program will also be able to keep a record of the skills and personality traits they record, helping to establish what areas the candidate or staff member may need help to improve.

This can be used for both coaching and mentoring alike in order to understand a mentee or coachee’s current state and measure their improvement on skills and personal development.

2. Matching 

Matching mentors and mentees, or coaches and coachees can be tricky to get right. And a wrong match can do more harm than good. This is actually one of the reasons the need for mentoring software was recognised.

Matching is one of the key ways that AI can also help with coaching and mentoring. An AI program will keep a database of the team and their core skills, and match them to a specific mentor or coach who they will get the most benefit from being paired with.

Also, AI tools can also provide ideas for courses and coaching, training, and mentoring that can improve potential weaknesses for a group of employees.

📖 Find out more about how to match mentors and mentees in our guide 📖

3. AI coaches

AI coaching uses AI software to help provide specific feedback and create coaching plans for staff members and students. The process allows companies to set goals and employees and individuals can work towards these goals in a more structured way.

AI coaching can also use a chatbot method to respond to specific questions, which means more specific and relevant feedback and information. 

Which begs the question, should we be preparing for a future in which coaching is accessible to all through AI programs? Or is that still science fiction!

a woman mentors a younger colleagueHow can I use these tools in my mentoring and coaching practice? 

The good news is that there are many ways that you can use existing AI tools for your coaching or mentoring.

These can be integrated into the day-to-day operations of your business to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of mentoring and coaching.

Our top 5 recommendations to try are:

1. Jasper

Jasper is a powerful AI tool for writing, and it can help to generate content that is full of interesting information for those who want to upskill.

For instance, Jasper can write a full article that is tailored to a specific department or staff member, providing tips on how to improve their skills or work towards a more effective outcome for their business.

Jasper can also be used by mentors and coaches, taking a few of their ideas and putting them into coherent learning materials for the mentee or coachee. By using AI writing tools you can speed up the creation of personalised reading and learning materials. As long as you remember to edit them thoroughly after! 

2. Movavi

Similarly, using a video content creation tool like Movavi, can help mentors, coaches and organisations create engaging learning materials. 

Written content can certainly be dry and boring. With Movavi, it is easy to take content and ideas and create training videos that are specifically tailored to the mentees or coachees.

Something that would once have taken a long time and expertise to create is now quick and simple, and makes information easier to digest.

3. ManageBetter

ManageBetter is an AI tool for performance management that can be integrated into many aspects of a business and its workflows, from sales to HR.

As well as helping to organise teams, it has many different features that can help with coaching and mentoring. For instance, there is a feature called Review Builder that can help to create personal reviews for team members based on peer feedback, strengths, and weaknesses. These can help to identify areas to work on and training to take part in.

This tool may be useful across your business to better manage the performance and development of your people. Employed for mentoring and coaching, it could improve the impact of your programs.

4. ChatGPT

Probably the most talked about AI tool out there currently, ChatGPT is a conversational AI tool that can answer user questions in seconds. 

While it’s not specifically built for coaching and mentoring, with the right prompts help with a variety of coaching purposes. For example, staff can ask ChatGPT which courses they should take to improve a certain skill or to help create clear goals for mentoring and coaching. 

ChatGPT is immensely powerful, but it’s a tool that requires a lot of human input if you are going to get the best results.

5. Adaptiv Academy

Adaptiv Academy uses Ada, the AI-powered mentor that can answer career related questions and provide advice to users.

Ada has been built to ask specific questions to individuals who need a bit of coaching, mentoring and guidance. Ada then takes this information and uses it to provide advice on specific courses, skills that need to be worked on, and even career paths that may be most suitable for someone’s skillsets.

Essentially, it is an AI mentor that can help people that aren’t quite ready to find an in person mentor to work with them!

The wrap up

While a lot of the best training and mentoring still comes with a human touch, that doesn’t mean that AI tools can’t enhance your experience.

There are many different ways that they can integrate and assist the relationship between mentor and mentee, and coach and coachee.

AI tools also have the power to identify weaknesses and specific training options to address these, as well as take away the time-consuming elements of being an exceptional mentor or coach. 

How Guider can power exceptional mentoring and coaching

While we love exploring new technology, it’s important to remember that the human connection of mentoring and coaching is where the magic really happens.

Finding someone you connect with and being able to spend time with them working on your personal development is a game-changer.

Our platform makes finding, matching and meeting mentors and coaches simple. With everything you need for successful mentoring all in one place.

For program leads, our powerful reporting features are there to help you steer your program towards your business goals and ensure that you’re getting ROI from your program.

Find out more about how Guider can transform personal development at your organisation. Book a call with our expert team today!

About the author: Vlad is a partnership manager at Movavi. He has 4 years of experience in the e-commerce and marketing industries, having written articles on these topics for various publications. Vlad is passionate about helping businesses grow and reach their full potential. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he’s not working.

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