Enterprise Mentoring and Coaching Cannot Scale Without AI

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In a recent article and accompanying LinkedIn post, Nic Newman explores the question “Can technology and AI support coaching and mentoring at scale?”. The transformative impact of AI on these crucial development tools is explored in depth. 

The short answer is – yes, we can. And we can’t scale without it.

Nic highlights key constraints effects such as we dive into the key points and challenges he raises,  drawing insights from Guider’s experience scaling mentoring, coaching, and peer learning for an enterprise client base.

Find the full link to his article here.

Why we haven’t scaled until now

Think about it. Mentoring and coaching have long been respected for their contributions to personal and professional growth, the concept is sound and well-proven. 

So, if these methods could have scaled independently, wouldn’t they have done so already? 

We are in a new age of technological advancement. AI and automation are essential in formalising mentoring and coaching initiatives, cutting the tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks associated with it. Using purpose-built platforms such as Guider, organisations can centralise peer learning, create a self-service approach for participants and scale without limits. 

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How Guider drives engagement across enterprises

A critical limitation to scaling mentoring initiatives is low engagement, as individual motivation is crucial for success. When businesses leave their employees to source their own mentors or coaches, this motivation dwindles and L&D leaders struggle to keep participants engaged. Guider was purpose-built to address these limitations.

At Guider, we understand that L&D priorities have changed, growing pressures to improve leadership capabilities, reduce skills gaps and stop burnout have previously been resolved by quick-fixes such as expensive, external training programs. But these haven’t provided the sustainable solution to the problem we know engagement in mentoring and coaching can fix. 

We drive engagement in three main ways: 

  1. Integrating peer learning into the flow of work: By creating a self-service platform, finding a mentor or becoming is instantaneous. Users are able opt-in and out of mentoring when they need – an essential feature to scale mentoring in Reed’s Women in Technology Mentoring Program
  2. Multi-layered matching algorithms: Our automated matching processes covers skills, desired goals, pre-set organisational requirements and more, to create the most meaningful matches that drive engagement, longevity and impact. Read how we create the perfect match in every organisation
  3. Choice-driven development: After our algorithm suggests the best skills-based matches, we give learners the freedom to choose their mentor. The balance between algorithmic precision and personal choice ensures that mentees are invested in the process by respecting their individuality, driving engagement.
  4. Re-engaging inactive users: Identify and re-engage users with ease, with automated notifications, emails and surveys to nudge employees to progress through their mentoring journey.

Learn more about driving engagement in your mentoring and coaching initiatives. 

How Guider’s Mentor Analytics provides visibility

Can the benefits of human connection be measured? Nic underlines the struggles businesses face in measuring the impact of coaching and mentoring effectively. Organisations depend on hundreds of tools to gain better visibility of their processes, initiatives or financial forecasting, so why should L&D miss out? 

Without concrete data, it’s tough to justify continued investment in these programs. This is a common limitation companies face, without knowing the full capabilities of platforms like Guider. Our Mentor Analytics admin panel is beloved by our clients, providing clear visualisations of the effectiveness of your peer-to-peer learning programs. 

Here is how Guider Admin improves data visibility:

  1. The right data in one place: Administrators can track user engagement, program success and gather survey data from one central system – so you can make data-driven decisions and improvements.
  2. Identify gaps and celebrate success: Monitor skills sought vs skills offered to identify skills gaps and celebrate key milestones of engagement in your programs. 
  3. Advanced reporting: Build reports that give a holistic picture of the impact your program is having to demonstrate the ROI of your initiatives.   
  4. Fit in with your processes: Our integrations allow you to work around your current processes, keeping you on track!

How Zscaler monitored the progression of Employee Resource Group Mentoring Programs 

Zscaler had wide organisational goals to improve DE&I representation. To equip Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with the right training, experience and knowledge, they introduced Guider to implement specific mentoring and coaching programs. 

The results were instrumental. Our self-service platform accelerated connections, with 90% of users entering relationships in just 3 months, with an initial target of 6 months. Using Guider’s admin panel, Zscaler was able to monitor global engagement across 14 countries and gained visibility of user satisfaction – where 86% of mentors and mentees reported a highly positive experience. 

More than AI

At Guider, we have been purpose-built from the start, driven to address the real struggles facing enterprise organisations. We work with our clients such as LVMH, Clyde & Co and EY, to constantly improve our technology and scale mentoring, coaching and peer-to-peer learning initiatives that make a real impact.

We understand that using software can seem impersonal. That’s why we provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you design and curate the best programs for your workforce. 

To learn more about how Guider can revolutionise mentoring in your organisation, book a free consultation call with our expert team today. 

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What's next?

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