Upskilling in L&D: How to Go Beyond Content

L&D thought leader, Egle Vinauskaite, provides additional strategies to add to content-driven driven initiatives to drive upskilling. Find Guider’s insights on the subject, including an exclusive snippet from Nick Ross, Guider CEO.

What is a Mentor? Definition, Purpose & More

What is a mentor?

What is a mentor? People often talk about the importance of mentoring in personal development and career contexts. In the search to find a mentor, you may find yourself looking for the definition, the purpose and discover even more.

5 Reasons to Formalise Mentoring in Your Organisation

Two women sit on a pink sofa talking

Mentoring is becoming increasingly relevant in L&D initiatives. Read about the tangible benefits of using formal peer learning and mentoring programmes, and how Guider’s mentoring platform will positively impact your business.

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