The Importance of Coaching and Finding a Mentor With Angie Vaux

We’ve got a fantastic episode to kick off season 2 of Guided. 

This episode we’re joined by Angie Vaux, Founder and CEO of Women in Tech forum, a global membership and coaching platform to help people accelerate and grow their career in tech.

Angie is passionate about coaching others to optimise their full potential, and is partnering with some of the biggest tech brands in the industry including Adobe, LinkedIn, and Slack. In this conversation we cover Angie’s diverse career background over the last 25 years and what led her to founding Women in Tech forum – the journey from the ‘boys club’ tech industry to where we are today.

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Insight Led Learning, 2023 Trends and Learning and Development Mistakes With Matt Ash

The final episode for 2022 is here!

In our 10th episode of Guided, we’re joined by Matt Ash, who has spent the last decade working collaboratively with global businesses to deliver effective people, culture and change programmes.

As a Learning and Development Consultant, Matt has seen what works, and doesn’t work, when it comes to organisational L&D. We chatted to him about challenges to overcome, future focused models to look out for, and being more intentional with smaller budgets.

Listen below and join the conversation.


Self-Confidence, Setting Workplace Boundaries, and Navigating Male-Dominated Industries with Charlotte Fuller

Episode 9 of Guided is now live!

Tune in and listen to our latest guest, Charlotte Fuller, to talk about some of the challenges women face navigating male dominated workplaces. The Director of Digital Transformation Consulting & Women in STEM Training, she is on a mission to support female tech talent to build the confidence, skills and mindset to thrive in tech.

This fantastic episode includes actionable tips on setting boundaries at work, building self-confidence, and how businesses can better empower female employees.

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Diversity in the Police, Tokenism and Small Wins With Moses Williams

The Guided podcast has another fantastic episode for you!

This week, we speak to Moses Williams, EMEA Regional DE&I Lead at ERM and ex-police officer. Moses’ journey from police force to corporate DE&I is a fascinating one that raises key challenges and learnings regardless of industry and sector.

Tune in to hear about changing the system from the inside and why all businesses should be celebrating the small wins when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Menopause at Work: Breaking Stigma and Retaining Top Talent With Julie Dennis

Episode 7 of the Guided podcast has landed.

This week on Guided, we have a World Menopause Day special with Julie Dennis, Director & Lead Trainer at Menopause at Work.

In this episode we discuss the importance of awareness and training around menopause all year round, and how it’s far more than an issue affecting ‘women of a certain age’.

Menopause initiatives at work could be the key to retaining top talent, as well as creating more inclusive workplaces. If this is of interest to you, get in touch with Julie to find out more.

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Opening Up the Conversation About Equity and Equality With Marcel De Jonghe

Are you ready for episode 6 of the Guided podcast?

This week on Guided, we talk to the fantastic Marcel De Jonghe, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Capita, on equity and equality.

In this episode, we delve into what this two terms truly mean and why they should be at the forefront of every organisation’s diversity and inclusion initiative.

Tune in below:


Allyship in the Workplace, Inclusive Leadership and Microagressions with Chloë Gillard

The next episode of the Guided podcast is here! 

Join us for a chat packed with key takeaways from the fantastic Chloë Gillard, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager at Version 1.

Chloë shares her insights into allyship, the responsibilities of inclusive leadership and managing microaggressions at work. Stream the latest podcast or catch-up with the series below


Inclusive Hiring, Skills-Based Recruitment and Accessibility with Joseph Williams

Welcome to episode 4 of the Guided podcast.

This week we’re joined by Joseph Williams, Co-Founder & CEO of Clu, the skills based recruitment platform. We dive into why inclusive hiring, skills-based recruitment and accessibility matters.

Joseph shares how current recruitment processes are broken and how businesses need to reframe the way they think about talent. Listen now for key lessons and ideas on collectively improving our workplaces


Representation in Leadership and Gender Equality in the Workplace with Mike Sealy

Episode 3 of Guided has landed! 

This week, Nicola and Danika are joined by Mike Sealy, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Informa Markets, to talk about representation in leadership and gender equality. We learnt about Mike’s personal experience and passion for the topic, and how he’s seen gender representation in leadership develop over his time in the industry.

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Developing Young Leaders, Supporting Your Gen-Z Workforce and Finding Role Models with Andra Enache

Our latest episode of Guided is now live! 

This week, we’re joined by Andra Enache, a Culture, Employee Experience and D&I expert at NTT Data, aspiring to make the world a better place by empowering people to be more confident and achieve their goals.

She is passionate about leadership, psychology, sustainable development and mental health – which is why we invited her on to talk about developing young leaders.

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