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Cognito and Guider are partnering to champion Peer-to-Peer learning for enhanced employee enablement. 

In a strategic partnership, Guider and Cognito, teaming up to effectively address emerging challenges within the ever-changing workplace landscape. 

The focus of this partnership is peer-to-peer learning as a means to attract, engage, and retain talent, a pivotal concern for all businesses. Fortunately, the evolution of technology has opened doors to ingenious solutions that empower staff to realise their potential at every phase of their employment journey. 

Among the various challenges that have historically been underestimated is the need for a systematic approach to mentoring and coaching. The potential of an effective mentoring program is undeniable – and this is substantiated by compelling statistics. For example, of those with a mentor, 97% say they are valuable and yet only 37% of professionals have a mentor. Explore how mentoring could reinvent your learning and development programme in our Business Case For Mentoring Toolkit

Cognito is an AI-powered, enterprise solution delivering continuous personalised learning and feedback. It fits within the daily workflow, whilst driving engagement and knowledge retention – which are key for business performance. 

Cognito’s mission is to enrich people and culture programmes, to upskill the workforce. All of which is underpinned by a focus on making sure ROI is leveraged through improved staff retention and productivity management.

Guider’s platform has pioneered over 50 forms of peer-to-peer learning, collaborating with renowned global brands in more than 150 countries. Our work encompasses game-changing peer-to-peer learning programmes. Including schemes for diversity and inclusion, career progression, leadership development for women and reverse mentoring. 

Harnessing the combined capabilities of Guider and Cognito’s solutions equips organisations with a pivotal piece of the enablement puzzle, optimising learning programmes in organisations to facilitate seamless employee growth and development.