Degreed Partners With Guider to Expand Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Globally
Reuben O'Connell
2 minutes
July 19, 2023

London, UK; 19th July 2023.

Guider, the leading mentoring and peer-to-peer learning platform, has partnered with the technology suite that combines lifelong learning and data-driven development Degreed. 

Guider’s mentoring platform enables companies to rapidly launch and scale mentoring programs to achieve business goals, and is now integrated into Degreed’s learning experience platform. This exciting partnership offers mutual customers a new opportunity to upskill their people by tapping into the expertise of their own peers. Guider’s solution allows organizations to run over 50 different types of peer-to-peer learning programs including; reverse mentoring, mentoring for DE&I, internal coaching, sponsorship and buddying.

Guider and Degreed work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands to provide essential upskilling and learning experiences. Guider has enabled over 1.6 million mentoring opportunities in over 175 countries to date. Its clients include the likes of Deloitte, EY, FIFA, Clyde & Co and Knight Frank.

Nick Ross, CEO and Founder of Guider said, Degreed has always stood out as one of the most leading and innovative learning solutions and we’re thrilled to be aligning ourselves with a best in class partnership. Guider’s ambitious mission is to power a billion impactful conversations through our global peer-to-peer learning platform and with this integration into Degreed’s comprehensive suite of learning features, we will achieve our mission faster”.

Nag Chandrashekhar, Chief Product Officer of Degreed is delighted to have Guider as a trusted partner in the ecosystem and said,Guider is an innovative and easy to use product that enables learners to make impactful decisions about their career. Together, this collaboration reinforces our unwavering commitment to deliver solutions that encourage continuous skill development and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and growth”.

The integration between Guider and Degreed’s LXP solution is now available to all users. For more information, contact Guider or visit the Degreed Ecosystem Directory.

About Guider

Guider is an award-winning mentoring and peer-learning software.

As the most service-oriented solution in the marketplace, Guider provides bespoke support, launch plans, training and development services, and content tailored to your needs. Its software is powered by mentoring expertise, seamless matching and powerful reporting.

Empowering hundreds of enterprises globally, Guider offers transformative solutions in crucial areas. These include: diversity and inclusion, career development, women in leadership, reverse mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, virtual mentoring and more. 

Guider continues to win awards, including Start-up Learning Provider of the Year (Gold, 2021), prestigious Learning Technologies Award – Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product, UK (Gold, 2022) and Startup of the Year (2023).

About Degreed

Degreed is a technology suite that combines lifelong learning and data-driven development so organizations can collect, understand and build skills for greater impact, evolving how their workforce works.

Degreed is the only learning platform that makes it easy for companies to deliver daily learning, deep skill-building, education benefits, real-time insights and expert services, while connecting to the most robust and open ecosystem. Each day, over 9 million learners from hundreds of global companies use Degreed to gain the skills to grow in their careers.

Degreed, founded in 2012, launched with the mission of “jailbreaking the degree” where all skills are recognized, irrespective of how they are acquired. Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.

Learn more about Degreed: Website | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter

What's next?

Whenever you’re ready… here are 3 ways Guider can help you supercharge your L&D with mentoring:

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