Empowering Women in the Workplace: Bridging the Gender Gap
Hattie Pursell
3 minutes
March 8, 2024

Championing your women in the workplace involves harnessing varied perspectives that propel innovation and success. As Women’s History Month unfolds and

International Women’s Day approaches, this is the perfect moment to consider how to empower the women within your organisation. Implementing a mentoring programme is a strategic approach to providing guidance, support, and opportunities for personal and professional development. Here’s how to acknowledge these significant occasions whilst taking action – creating a supportive environment for your female employees through a mentoring programme.

Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are about more than recognising the contributions of women throughout history and in the present day. They aim to inspire future generations, shed light on ongoing gender equality battles, and celebrate the achievements and potential of women across all sectors. These occasions serve as prime moments to launch or highlight your organisation’s initiatives aimed at supporting women, such as a mentoring programme designed specifically for your female workforce.

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Gender disparity in tech

The tech industry presents its own set of obstacles. According to data from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023, women are half as likely to pursue employment in technology fields, contributing to a significant gender gap in the technology sector. Women’s representation in high-level leadership roles such as Vice Presidents and C-suite positions, drops even lower, with only 17.8% and 12.4%, respectively.

Furthermore, a study showed that 90% of women and only 49% of men identified the attitudes of men in leadership positions as a barrier to promoting women into leadership roles. This perception underscores the importance of addressing systemic biases and fostering inclusive environments within tech companies to empower female employees to advance in their careers.

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Designing a mentoring programme for women in the workplace

A well-crafted mentoring programme can significantly impact your female employees. Here are essential steps to designing a programme that not only celebrates but actively supports and promotes the development of women in your workplace:

1. Define clear objectives

Begin by determining what you hope to achieve with your mentoring programme. Goals might include increasing female representation in leadership roles or enhancing job satisfaction and retention rates among women. Having specific aims will allow you to gauge the programme’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

2. Create inclusive pairing criteria

Successful mentor-mentee pairings are vital for the programme’s success. Pairing criteria should extend beyond job titles and departments to encompass shared interests, professional ambitions, and personality traits. This approach ensures meaningful connections that encourage personal and professional development.

3. Provide training for mentors

Mentors should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to support their mentees effectively. Offering training sessions on mentorship best practices, communication skills, and handling sensitive issues will enable mentors to offer valuable guidance and support.

4. Establish a supportive framework

Your mentoring programme should include regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and accessible resources for both mentors and mentees. This framework ensures ongoing support and keeps the programme aligned with its objectives.

5. Celebrate successes and learn from challenges

Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of mentors and mentees. Sharing success stories within your organisation can inspire others and highlight the value of the mentoring programme. It’s equally important to learn from any challenges faced, using these lessons to refine the programme continuously.

6. Promote a culture of mentorship

Beyond the formal programme, encourage a mentorship culture within your organisation. This can be achieved by organising networking events, workshops, and talks that emphasise the significance of mentorship and provide additional learning and growth opportunities.

Setting up your women in leadership programme 

At Guider, we champion taking action. It’s not enough just to write a post for Women’s History Month, or send flowers for International Women’s Day. Supporting and developing your female workforce through mentoring is a meaningful way to honour these events. It not only recognises the invaluable contributions of women but actively supports their advancement and success in the workplace. By implementing these steps to create a mentoring programme, you’re investing in a future where women are empowered to realise their full potential, contributing to a more diverse, innovative, and successful organisation.

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