How Zscaler Used Guider Mentoring Software to Support Their Employee Resource Groups

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How are you supporting Employee Resource Groups in your organisation? 

At Guider, we specialise in assisting large organisations to nurture their micro-communities and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) through scalable peer learning. Zscaler, a premier cloud security firm based in San Jose, California, chose to enhance its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts by partnering with us. 

By leveraging Guider mentoring software, Zscaler has been able to rapidly engage their ERGs in mentoring, coaching and peer learning opportunities, with the aim to improve inclusivity and representation worldwide. 

Identifying the problem: Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Zscaler

As with all our clients, our collaboration with Zscaler began with a consultation with our award-winning customer success team to understand their specific challenges and objectives. This initial phase was crucial in designing a bespoke program that would generate the best outcomes for their diverse workforce. Here’s a snapshot of the challenges Zscaler faced:

  • Common in the cybersecurity industry, known for its diversity gaps, Zscaler were eager to tackle gender disparity and underrepresentation. 
  • Women constituted only 22% of its global staff across 26 countries.
  • Further, racial and ethnic minorities comprised just 8% of its U.S. employees.
  • Recognising the necessity to improve these figures, Zscaler committed to cultivating a more inclusive culture. 
  • Their short-term goal was to engage 75% of its employees in mentoring relationships within six months.

Why is advancing DEI important?

Hiring diversely and equal representation in leadership improves innovation. Advancing DE&I is critical for companies aiming to thrive in the global market, by mirroring the varied demographics of global consumers, and also bringing a wealth of perspectives that drive business growth. For more insights into the importance of DE&I check out our 50 Diversity and Inclusion Statistics You Need to Bookmark in 2024.

What are employee resource groups?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are instrumental in advancing workplace diversity by providing a supportive network for underrepresented employees. ERGs facilitate professional and personal development, and are crucial for enhancing corporate culture. ERGs add value by creating a sense of community and opportunity to network with other individuals. 

How can mentoring support employee resource groups?

At Guider, we see that these groups deeply benefit from a centralised platform to network, create connections and give back to others from similar underrepresented or marginalised groups through mentoring, coaching or peer learning. Mentoring within ERGs can be a transformative tool, offering members tailored career development opportunities and the chance to strengthen leadership skills. 

Mentoring programs facilitated by Guider have empowered individuals across Zscaler’s ERGs by expanding personal networks and creating actionable career development plans. This structured approach not only advances individual careers but also fortifies the company’s broader DE&I goals.

Creating solutions with Guider mentoring software

In response to the challenges identified during our consultation, Zscaler quickly implemented their program using Guider branded internally as ‘Elevate’. Through our AI-driven matching and customisable platform, Zscaler has made mentoring accessible within and for their ERGs, Women in Zscaler Engage (WiZE), Black Employees at Zscaler (B@Z) and Asian American Pacific Islander Employees at Zscaler (AAPI@Z), which have:

  • Enhance network building and community ties within the company.
  • Empower employees to establish and pursue clear career development plans.
  • Strengthen leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Offer training on diversity awareness and bias management.

Achieving impact through measurable outcomes 

With access to mentor analytics, Zscaler was able to monitor qualitative relationships built, skill progression and engagement within their ERGs. The strategic integration of Guider software for Zscaler’s DE&I effort exceeded expectations in multiple areas: 

  • Global Engagement: The initiative engaged thousands of users across 14 countries, demonstrating its extensive reach and acceptance.
  • Accelerated Connection: Within just three months, 90% of users had entered into mentoring relationships, greatly exceeding the initial target of six months.
  • Elevated Satisfaction: A significant 86% of all mentees and mentors reported a highly positive experience, indicating the effectiveness and impact of the mentoring programs.

A continued partnership 

Zscaler’s proactive approach not only addressed pressing industry challenges but also set a new standard for corporate DE&I initiatives. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of structured mentoring through centralised mentoring software in enhancing both corporate culture and operational success. 

The success of this program was down to the design of the program to meet Zscaler’s specific needs, resulting in higher engagement, individual satisfaction and overall impact. We continue to understand and monitor the progress of these programs and strive to create more inclusive and supportive workplaces, where every employee has accessible career development opportunities. 

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