Highlights from Learning Live 2023
Hattie Pursell
2 minutes
September 18, 2023
  • About Learning Live
  • Top 5 Challenges Faced by Learning Development Leaders
  • Our Highlights 
  • Peer-to-peer Learning to Bridge the Gap 

Learning Live, hosted by the LPI, attracted some of the world’s best Learning and Development leaders to hear from guest speakers such as Gary Neville, Kelsey Kates, Head of Live Learning Experiences at Google, and Pashini Reddy, Head of Learning at KPMG Academy. 

Topics covered ‘neuroscience behind L&D tech’ to ‘Metaverse’s new dimensions and impacts on digital learning’.

Organisers ensured to tailor the agenda to today’s landscape by asking Head of Learning attendees about their current challenges, outlined below.

Top 5 Challenges Faced by Learning Development Leaders:

  1. AI and learning in the flow of work 
  2. Building an organisational learning culture
  3. Supporting learning in a hybrid workforce
  4. Improving mental health and wellbeing
  5. Measuring ROI and learning impact

This exclusive event was brimming with take-home messages and actionable next steps. Here are our favourites:

Our Highlights

  • Knowledge is highly personal, so AI must facilitate learning, without removing ownership of the learning process from the individual.
  • New technology is the solution for businesses to achieve and monitor organisational objectives; short and long-term.  
  • Hybrid workforces require embedded systems that encourage and incentivise human interaction – even virtually!
  • Businesses need to practise active listening. New technology should give employees a voice and create open discussions to improve well-being, belonging and employee satisfaction.
  • Learn your baseline. To measure success, businesses need to be sharp in knowing their current stats; retention rates, loss of talent, and demographics across leadership roles. 

Peer-to-peer Learning to Bridge the Gap

Self-directed learning enables employees to take charge of their education, avoiding top-down, passive teaching and switching to conversational and constructive goal setting between learner and guide.

Businesses should encourage peer-to-peer learning approaches such as mentoring, coaching and sponsorship to promote meaningful connections, especially in hybrid or remote work environments. 

Creating connections based on chosen skills can have an immense personal impact on both mentor and mentee. However, peer learning strategies can and should provide a practical framework to solve over-arching organisational goals.

Guider offers a centralised tool for peer learning with completely customisable programs to align with your L&D and DE&I goals. 

If you are looking to learn more about how mentoring can benefit your organisation, speak to an expert today to find the perfect program for you.

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