How to Celebrate International Mentoring Day in 2024

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When is International Mentoring Day? 

17th of January 2024.

What is International Mentoring Day?

International Mentoring Day is an opportunity to reflect on the power and reach of mentorship in today’s interconnected world. This special day is dedicated to celebrating mentoring and highlights the impact and importance of mentorship initiatives worldwide. 

How long has International Mentoring Day been implemented?

International Mentoring Day was created in 2016 as an extension of National Mentoring Month, which launched in 2002.

How can businesses celebrate International Mentoring Day?

Mentoring is transforming work environments by facilitating personal development, upskilling and learning through shared experiences. It’s important to acknowledge the dedication shown by your workforce to contribute to these initiatives.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your mentor relationships within your organisation:

  1. Organise Discussions and Webinars: Organise webinars featuring experienced mentors and leaders within the industry. They can share insights about their mentoring experiences and the impact of mentorship on career growth.
  2. Mentoring success stories: Encourage employees to share their success stories and experiences as mentors or mentees. This can be done through internal newsletters, internal posts, or during team meetings.
  3. Mentor recognition: Recognise and appreciate the contributions of mentors within the organisation. This could be through awards, certificates of appreciation, or special mentions in corporate communications.
  4. Mentoring events and workshops: Conduct workshops or training sessions on how to be an effective mentor or mentee. These sessions can cover various aspects of mentorship, including setting goals, communication skills, and providing constructive feedback. Guider’s world-class mentor experts provide instructive workshops to improve engagement with your mentoring programs.
  5. Launch a new mentorship program: If your organisation doesn’t have a mentorship program, use this day to launch one. If there’s already an existing program, showcase its success and encourage more employees to participate. Adding programs with different goals will result in further employee engagement.

At Guider, we are proud to be at the forefront of connecting individuals worldwide to participate in mentoring.

For more information on how to set up an instant, scalable mentoring program, get in touch with an expert today. 

Building an Impactful Mentoring Programme

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What's next?

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