How to Implement ‘Thank Your Mentor Day’ in the Workplace

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What is ‘Thank Your Mentor Day’?

Thank Your Mentor Day,’ falling on the 21st of January, is an integral part of National Mentoring Month. This day is dedicated to expressing gratitude to mentors who have played a pivotal role in shaping careers and lives. It’s a day for mentees to acknowledge the invaluable guidance and support received from their mentors.

Why was ‘Thank Your Mentor Day’ introduced?

This day is specifically for mentees to reflect on their personal and professional development and show appreciation to those that have . ‘Thank Your Mentor Day’ was conceived to encourage a culture of appreciation in the mentoring relationship, allowing mentees to express their gratitude and reflect on the positive influence their mentors have had.

Why gratitude matters in mentorship

Gratitude is a crucial element in mentorship that allows mentees to reflect on their own progress. This improves self-awareness to acknowledge their mentor’s part in their career development. Additionally, studies show that a culture of gratitude increases motivation and satisfaction in the workplace.

Best practices to thank your mentor

Reflect on your mentoring journey

Mentees should take this day to reflect on their progression and how their mentor has helped them towards their goals. Key questions to reflect are:

  • What have been the key takeaways from your mentorship experience?
  • How has your mentor influenced your career decisions and growth?
  • In what ways has your mentor inspired you?

Stay Connected with Your Mentor

Maintaining a connection with your mentor is vital. Regular check-ins, sharing updates about your career progress, or simply reaching out with a personal message is extremely impactful. A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

Take part in unique initiatives

Guider is providing mentees with a unique way to thank their mentors. For participation in our National Mentoring Month goal-setting initiative, mentees get a chance to send their mentors a special prize as a token of appreciation. This gesture not only acknowledges the mentor’s contribution but also reinforces the positive impact of mentorship.

Guider encourages mentees to participate in social media campaigns using hashtags like #ThankYourMentor. Share stories or key learnings from your mentor, highlighting their impact on your professional journey.

Find out more ways to thank your mentor and how to be a good mentee.

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