12 Key Takeaways from Learning Technologies 2024

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Fresh off the buzz and vibrant exchanges at Learning Technologies 2024, we’re eager to share our pivotal insights that stood out from various seminars and lively discussions from the Learning and Development professionals we had the pleasure of meeting. This year’s event not only reinforced established trends, but also sparked engaging debates about the real utility of emerging technologies in education and learning. 

So, to summarise two fantastic, insightful days into 12 insights, here are Guider’s Learning Technologies 2024 key takeaways:

Our 12 takeaways

1. AI: A solution still seeking its problem

This year’s hottest topic at Learning tech, we counted over 50 seminars, bitesizes and conferences that mentioned AI. This year, iit became apparent that while AI is praised for its potential, there remains a critical need for L&D leaders to specify what challenges AI can actually address – and how can we do this effectively. We found the discussions this year echoed last year’s sentiments, suggesting that L&D is still “slow in the game” in adopting AI.

Want to learn more? Read our best practices for AI in L&D to get you started! 📖

2. Sustainability in learning

Discussions underlined the pressing need for sustainable practices within L&D technology, focusing on solutions that are not only environmentally sound but also designed for longevity and real-world applicability. This coincides with our understanding of the Gen Z generation, whose top priority is “working for a business that makes a difference”.  

Find out more from our webinar: “Expert advice for reverse mentoring, with Guider and Patrice Gordon” 🖥️

3. Nothing hits home like a good story: the power of narrative in L&D

The critical role of storytelling in L&D was a key focus this year. Speakers illustrated how engaging narratives can deeply engage and connect with your workforce and stakeholders to significantly boost engagement, retention and budget allocation. 

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Telling stories that stick – seminar with Esther Stanhope

4. Redefining hybrid learning models

With more pressure from organisations to move to hybrid working environments, it was no surprise to hear discussions about hybrid learning. This included how to keep learning informal and adapting workspaces to accommodate for different learning styles. 

5. There’s A LOT of buzzwords in L&D

Speakers often chose essential topics, such as micro or bitesize learning or bitesize. While these are crucial components of continuous learning or “learning in the flow of work” discussions with L&D professionals showed that the real challenge was discerning how to apply this at scale. Speakers need to be more transparent about how to genuinely integrate initiatives into learners’ daily lives and workflows.

6. The undiminished importance of human connections

Despite the growing prominence of technology, the conference clearly highlighted a strong desire for maintaining human connections within learning environments. Our team frequently discussed the significant impact that enhancing interpersonal interactions within organisations could have. 

Learn more about human connection in learning 📚

7. Soft skill development is the future

Aligning with our own research on the rise of soft skills, the conference sessions underscored the critical nature of emotional intelligence, communication skills, and adaptability in the workforce. We enjoyed discussing the power of interpersonal connections internally to develop soft skills in organisations. 

8. Gaining recognition through learning analytics

Multiple seminars spoke about the importance of analytics and technology to track L&D metrics. This followed suit with our networking discussions and live demonstrations, showcasing our mentoring analytics that can help you monitor, track and show ROI in peer-to-peer learning. 

9. Expanding inclusivity in tech

A crucial session tackled the need for greater inclusivity, advocating for tools that accommodate a diverse range of learners, and ensuring that learning technologies can be accessible to everyone and accommodate for everyone l, such as neurodiverse individuals.

10. Exponential tasks in L&D 

This year, the role of L&D professionals was highlighted as increasingly strategic, with discussions focused on how these individuals are moving from tactical roles to becoming key strategic thinkers within their organisations. It demonstrates the rise in additional tasks, previously falling in with HR or other areas of the business, are falling into the laps of L&D. 

11. L&D Professionals Are Tired of LMS

This point was clearly voiced by our stand visitors who were delighted that we “weren’t another LMS”! While this doesn’t necessarily demonstrate a dissatisfaction with traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP), it certainly defines an LMS/LXP fatigue and a call for more innovative and adaptable solutions.

12. L&D love Pick ‘n’ Mix’ 🍭

Our stand provided the perfect pick-me-up over the two days – where our visitors consumed over 72 kgs of pick ‘n’ mix 🤯

Could this reflect that L&D teams are embracing more flexible, customisable learning options? We hope so! More likely, we just needed the sugar rush and enjoyed a trip down memory lane over a busy, informative few days. 

Pick 'n' mix stand at Guider's exhibit
Just a few sweets…

Recap and reflecting on Learning Technologies 2024

Did we have the pleasure of chatting with you at Learning Technologies? If not, or if you’re curious to see how our platform can transform your approach to L&D, get in touch today to see how you can empower human connection in your organisation. As Learning Technologies 2024 comes to a close, we look forward to continuing our discussions and transforming mentoring in organisations, at scale!

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