LN Connect 2023 Recap: Announcing Guider’s Partnership with The Learning Network
Hattie Pursell
3 minutes
November 23, 2023

This year, Connect 2023, hosted by The Learning Network, offered a fantastic opportunity for us at Guider to announce our new partnership with The Learning Network, a community committed to lifelong learning and growth in the L&D field. This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey to enhance learning and development practices globally. For more about The Learning Network and LN Connect, visit their website.

Connect 2023 Overview

LN Connect gathered innovative L&D Professionals, passionate to insight change and always ready to learn more. Tom McDowall kicked off with our focus on delivering value in our organisations, harnessing new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extended Reality (XR), and how our roles can create a sustainable, inclusive future for the industry. The challenges and opportunities in the L&D space were explored, sparking innovative ideas and debates.

Keynote Insights

Steve Wheeler’s keynote, “All our Futures: Learning in the Age of Disruption,” presented a thought-provoking view on the AI revolution. He emphasised the inseparable integration of humans and technology, suggesting that we’ve become cyborgs in our interaction with tech from a young age. His discussion on the uncapped release of AI and its boundless potential was daunting, warning to act with caution when using AI.

Debates and Discussions

In ‘The Debate: Practical Challenges to Accessibility in L&D,’ speakers Susi Miller, Gemma Nunn, and Steph Charlesworth highlighted the evolving attitude towards accessibility in learning. They acknowledged current challenges like budget constraints and the complexity of issues, yet remained optimistic about the future, with the hope of increased awareness and technological advancements.

Technology in Learning 

Other compelling sessions covered the potential of AI and technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Emily Decker, Head of Client Partnerships at Comtec, discussed AI in language translation. She argued that while AI can speed up the process, it cannot grasp the cultural nuances essential in translation, underscoring the irreplaceable role of human expertise. Tech such as VR and AR offer life-like approaches to education, yet all speakers unanimously agreed that the human element remains indispensable.

Lauren Hudson, Head of Customer Success at Guider

The Future of Learning is Human

Guider’s own Head of Customer Success, Lauren Hudson delivered an impactful talk on ‘The Future of Human Learning in the Age of AI’. Learning is Human.’ She emphasised that while innovation and AI are crucial, they serve to power human connections. Her focus on the importance of mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship in peer learning as an irreplaceable tool for knowledge transfer, retention, wellbeing and improving productivity was definitive – that the future of learning is human, powered by AI. 

Announcing Our Partnership

Lauren invited Jonathan Holmes to announce our partnership with The Learning Network, a Community Interest Company dedicated to supporting learning professionals at every career stage. Their inclusive community spans instructional designers, trainers, developers, consultants, and industry leaders. The LN have built their bespoke programme through Guider, which will facilitate matching and nurturing of mentoring relationships within their community. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to creating a culture where continuous learning and professional growth are at the forefront.

The Wrap up

LN Connect 2023 was a breath of fresh air compared to the bustle, pitch-heavy events hosted this year, allowing a group of forward-thinking L&D experts to share ideas and solutions for 2024. Our partnership with The Learning Network marks a new chapter in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing learning and development through human connections and technological advancements.

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