How Guider’s Mentor Matching Technology Solved the Administrative Burden for Reed
Hattie Pursell
2 minutes
March 4, 2024

Reed’s Women in Technology (WiT) Mentoring Programme was initiated to bridge the gender gap in the technology sector. However, their initial Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approach to mentor matching faced significant challenges, leading Reed to seek a more efficient solution.

The Challenges of DIY Mentor Matching

Like most businesses, Reed started with a DIY mentor matching process. This was a huge administrative burden, featuring endless spreadsheets and even discussions of hiring an entire team to facilitate mentor matching. 

Reed’s main challenges included:

  • Scalability issues
  • Time constraints
  • Lowered engagement
  • Difficulty tracking progress

These obstacles highlighted the inefficiencies of manual matching and the need for a scalable, automated system to this process.

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The transformative impact of Guider’s solution

Guider software was the much-needed solution to create matches with female leaders, instantly. Not only did this speed up the mentor/mentee matching process, but it increased efficiency and made it scalable. This transition allowed Reed to focus on its mission of promoting gender equality within the technology sector. 

The implementation of Guider’s platform enabled:

  • Continuous onboarding and 
  • Flexible engagement from senior staff
  • Significantly reduced the administrative burden

This shift not only enhanced the scalability of the Women in Technology Programme but also improved the monitoring and support of mentorship relationships.

Achievements and Growth

Since adopting Guider’s platform, Reed has witnessed a remarkable increase in programme engagement, with a 500% increase in sign-ups and a 250% rise in matches. This success demonstrates the platform’s capacity to effectively scale mentorship opportunities.

Future collaborations

The collaboration between Reed and Guider has set a new standard for mentorship programmes, demonstrating the power of technology in facilitating meaningful mentorship opportunities. Reed has significantly advanced in their mission to address gender equality in the tech industry. Reed’s journey from the challenges of DIY mentor matching to the successes of an automated system underscores the importance of leveraging technology to empower individuals and drive organisational change.

What's next?

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