Unlocking Potential Through Reverse Mentoring: Insights from our Webinar with Patrice Gordon
Hattie Pursell
3 minutes
February 29, 2024

In our recent webinar, host Lauren Hudson, Head of Customer Success at Guider, invited Patrice Gordon to share her invaluable experiences and insights on reverse mentoring.

Patrice Gordon’s history spans a significant journey through finance and leadership, transitioning to consultancy as a Reverse Mentoring Expert and Executive Coach for Enterprise. Starting her career in chartered accountancy, she worked in senior finance positions at prestigious companies like PwC, British Airways, Royal Mail, and Virgin Atlantic. Around eight years ago, she pivoted to become an Executive Coach, emphasising the importance of emotional intelligence. Patrice’s experience and her drive for inclusivity led her to become a world-leading expert in Reverse Mentoring, using her platform to advocate for inclusive leadership and mentorship practices.

In our engaging discussion, Lauren and Patrice highlight how Reverse Mentoring are critical in creating real change in organisations, especially for those looking to innovate and stay ahead.

Q: What inspired you to start Eminere your business and focus on leadership and emotional intelligence?

A: My journey in finance highlighted a gap in emotional intelligence at senior levels. Recognising the importance of this trait, I transitioned to become an executive coach, focusing on leadership and emotional intelligence. This shift stemmed from a desire to bridge the gap between technical expertise and interpersonal skills in leadership.

Q: What was it about reverse mentoring made you think it was the right initiative for you to use to push for inclusiveness?

A: Reverse mentoring offers a unique opportunity to leverage the perspectives of younger generations, particularly in fostering inclusivity within companies. By flipping the traditional mentor-mentee dynamic, reverse mentoring creates a platform for diverse voices to be heard, driving inclusivity and innovation.

Q. What are the core challenges companies are facing?

A: Companies today are clearly struggling with the need for diversity, inclusion, and effective leadership. Often leader’s themselves aren’t realising the problems. It’s almost like a duck like swimming really elegantly on top of the lake. Underneath, everyone’s doing all these different things to make sure that the outcome that the customer sees or the outcome that the leadership team sees is like all bells and whistles, when in reality it’s really difficult to get things done. But these things have been ongoing for years. But because they had no empathy, they had no understanding of what the real challenge was, they weren’t motivated to change it.

Q. How can reverse mentoring solve these issues?

When we look at really stereotypically at some of the viewpoints and opinions from each of the different generations, specifically on Gen Z’s, the clear feedback that we’re receiving is that they want to be listened to, they want to be heard, they want to be valued.Reverse mentoring addresses these challenges by facilitating meaningful exchanges between different generations and backgrounds. It allows organisations to tap into diverse perspectives, foster empathy, and promote a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Q: Do you have advice then that you’d give to organisations that are looking to enhance their leadership inclusivity?

A: For organisations seeking to enhance leadership inclusivity, I would advise that you do these three things.

  1. Identify the disconnection of inclusivity between leaders. 
  2. Listen to your employees e.g. through engagement surveys, conversations with employee resource groups. 
  3. Be prepared to take action from your feedback; either to correct the issue or provide more transparency on managerial decisions.
  4. Use technology to provide a scalable, trackable programme. 

Prioritising open communication, empathy, and a willingness to learn from diverse perspectives. Implementing reverse mentoring programmes can be a powerful step in this direction. 

Setting up your Reverse Mentoring Programme

In summary, establishing a reverse mentoring programme within your organisation presents a strategic opportunity for driving innovation, enhancing leadership effectiveness. The our webinar, with Patrice’s expert insights, highlights the importance and invaluable outcomes of implementing such a programme.

Lauren continued to provide a live demonstration of the seamless utilisation of Guider technology to implement a reverse mentoring programme. Watch the webinar today to view Guider’s instant implementation process, mentoring analytics and customisable features adaptable to resolve any DEI initiative. 

Explore how Guider can empower your organisation to embrace diversity, improve inclusivity, and harness the untapped potential of your workforce today. 

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