She Succeeds Webinar: Strengthening Women in their Career with Mentoring

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In this blog post, we recap our recent webinar titled “She Succeeds” where we explored the pivotal role of mentorship in empowering women within organisations. 

In light of Women’s History Month and the wake of International Women’s Day, host Hattie Pursell, Content Lead at Guider explored insights of the gender pay gap today. In an exciting Q&A, she invites Marija Skobe-Pilley, Founder of The Women in Customer Success (WiCS) podcast, to share her insights and successes using Guider Mentoring Software to empower mentoring for her community.  

The State of Today: Bridging the Gender Gap

Discussions started with addressing the current gender disparity in the workplace. The gender pay gap saw an incremental reduction from 2022 to 2023, according to the World Economic Forum. Shockingly, women currently hold just 35% of manager roles and a mere 25% of C-suite positions. These statistics underscore the pressing need for collaborative action to accelerate progress towards gender parity. Hattie and Maria carefully dissected these insights, exploring how mentorship can play a transformative role in addressing these challenges head-on.

Q. What inspired you to found Women in Customer Success?

Marija’s journey began with a stark realisation of the gender disparity in the customer success industry, igniting conversations that led to the inception of the Women in Customer Success organisation. 

Can one conversation drive so much change?

Marija: “Four years ago, I participated in my very first customer success conference and there was a presentation with a slide very similar to this, that shocked the whole audience… It was around 50-50, gender parity for managers and below, which was apparently a very good thing in text at that time. But then, everything above managerial level showed very few women.

It made me think, why are there not many more women in those senior leadership positions?

Is it that they don’t have anything to say?

Or is it that they are missing role models?

Or is it that they are simply not assertive enough?

There could have been so many reasons, but the conversation started happening. That data point just didn’t give me peace.” 

Q. What objectives do you have for your programme?

Marija: ” WiCS has a separate community called the Power Up Tribe and we just recently launched mentoring with the Guider platform. We call our mentoring the Career Compass programme and Customer Success Manager Lucy has been so helpful in getting us set up and setting our objectives. 

It’s really about providing a hub for women to develop in their careers through so many different means, at any stage of their career. And mentoring has been one of the main pillars of it. 

Why? Because communities are amazing, and micro-communities around different topics is what holds every community alive – but only 1-1 mentoring has that very close impact on a participant.”

Guidance from experts

Guider helps membership communities and organisations to design, scale and track their programmes. We encourage our clients to set SMART objectives to get the most out of their programmes, offering training and support throughout their journey.  

The benefits of having a mentor, or being a mentor are endless – but here are some key stats…

Q. Why did you decide to use Guider mentoring software?

Marija: “Last year, we realised women are asking for a mentoring constantly, and we, as individuals, don’t have capacity to continuously offer 1-1 mentoring to so many different women. in just few days, we received more than 300 applicants for becoming a mentor and a thousand applicants for mentees. As much as it was really interesting to read through people’s profile it was obviously very time-consuming. So when I came across Guider, when I saw that platform, immediately I thought, oh my gosh, that’s exactly what we need as a community.”

Time Efficiency and Scalability 

The decision to implement a mentoring programme through mentoring software like Guider was driven by the need for efficiency and scalability. Manual matching processes are admin intensive and extremely limiting. Guider’s platform streamlined the process, allowing for personalised, skills-based matches and empowering mentees to take control of their mentoring relationships.

Q. What advice would you give leaders?

Marija: ” If you want to support your membership organisation, community or even Employee Resource Group, there is no greater impact than actually physically being part in the community. Joining sessions, or in my case, podcasts, trainings webinars to share some of your experiences. Because, Leaders trust me, that’s what people are going to really appreciate hearing.”

Encourage stakeholder engagement

The discussion emphasised the importance of leaders actively engaging with and supporting communities within their organisations. Beyond mere sponsorship, leaders should demonstrate their commitment by participating in community events, sharing experiences, and becoming mentors or mentees themselves. At Guider, we promote reverse mentoring programmes, in which Executives and Senior Leaders are assigned junior-level mentors to share new perspectives, build trust and experiences and drive real change. 

Intrinsic support for every employee

Our webinar demonstrated the exponential power of mentoring within organisations. One conversation regarding gender disparity led to many, which inspired the WiCS podcast. Now, using Guider mentoring software, this community can grow and support mentoring, sponsorship and peer learning without limitation. 

Watch the full replay

At Guider, we know the potential one conversation can hold. That’s why we are committed to empowering over 1 billion meaningful conversations through mentoring. 

Speak to an expert today to find the right programme for your community. 

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