Skills-Based Insights in Mentoring, Coaching and Skill Development
Hattie Pursell
3 minutes
June 14, 2024

Our L&D ‘23 Wrapped recapped multiple resources (CIPD, McKinsey, Gartner), highlighting skill development as a top priority for both L&D professionals and organisations. At Guider, we continue to demonstrate that human connection is crucial for skill development, and mentoring is the best way to achieve this. The LinkedIn Workplace learning Report 2024 also acknowledged the significant impact of mentoring and coaching in addressing these gaps.

But how can we monitor human connection? How can we action our findings? 

We have the answer. Formalised mentoring programs using Guider Mentoring Software provide skills-based insights. Within this article, we’ll discuss what skills-based insights are and how they can provide transformative, invaluable data that drives growth and development in your business. 

What are skills-based insights?

Skills-based insights are the skill development areas requested and provided by your participants in peer learning programs, presented in real-time reports. Skills-based insights come from the data collected through skills-based matching, all centralised in our Guider Admin platform. This matching connects individuals based on the skills they seek and offer, using our proprietary algorithm for highly accurate pairings at scale. These insights help identify trends, gaps, and opportunities for growth within your organisation.

Why are skills-based insights important?

Skills-based insights provide complete, real-time visibility into skills development and matching. The benefits extend beyond time-saving and automation; they empower Learning and Development leaders to strategically shape their programs, identify wider industry issues and, most importantly, make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Uncovering Skills Gaps

Our advanced reporting centralises all the skills sought and offered per program. Gaining visibility on the most desired skills, and identifying a lack of available mentors for these skills is a strong indicator of a skills shortage

Our Customer Success Managers help you to understand and analyse this data, so you can pinpoint areas where employees need development and address these gaps proactively, ensuring your workforce evolves and meets business demands.

Celebrating Wins

Tracking progress and achievements through skills-based insights highlights the successes in your mentoring programs. Admins are able to view the most popular skills per program, which can clearly demonstrate progression in development. Recognising these wins boosts morale and reinforces the value of mentoring, encouraging more participation and engagement. 

At Guider, we strongly recommend that our clients celebrate skill popularity. Our client running a reverse mentoring program was able to view their skills-based insights: 

  1. Diversity
  2. Cross-cultural competence
  3. Inclusive leadership
  4. Difficult conversations
  5. Empowerment

Through these insights, they we able to demonstrate that their leaders were developing essential skills to address DEI issues and had higher program engagement. 

Understanding Your Workforce Better

Skills-based insights help you understand your workforce on a deeper level. For instance, if 200 learners request mentoring for “dealing with stress” but only 20 mentors offer this skill, it highlights a critical area needing attention. Addressing such gaps can improve employee wellbeing and prevent burnout.

Getting a Seat at the Executive Table

L&D leaders need their voices heard. The LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report shows L&D’s growing presence at the executive table. Presenting detailed reports on skills gaps and the impact of mentoring initiatives showcases L&D’s strategic value, ensuring a seat at the executive table.

How to Use Skills based insights 

As we’ve discussed, gaining visibility and advanced data reporting is crucial for Learning and Development professionals to take action. Here are some simple & effective ways to use skills-based insights:

Limited mentors for ‘dealing with stress’Launch an Engagement campaign to attract more mentors skilled in ‘dealing with stress’ to the program.1) Mentees are quickly assigned mentors to work on this skill. 2) Increased program engagement.
200 learners feel stressed at workPerform a program engagement survey to identify causes of stress and action results.1) Employees feel heard. 2) Improve wellbeing3) Reduced stress, avoiding burnout. 
High requests for  “Handling sensitive data” in a specific divisionImprove the onboarding & training and encourage peers from other divisions to participate.1) Close the skills gap 2) Reduce data mishandling3) Create more cross-division connections.
Using skills-based insights in action

How to Access Skills-Based Insights

Accessing skills-based insights is simple with Guider. Here’s how:

  1. Implement Skills-Based Matching: Use a self-service AI tool like Guider to implement skills-based matching to your matching process.  Our advanced algorithm ensures precise matches based on the skills sought and offered.
  2. Customise Your Programs: Tailor your mentoring, coaching, and peer learning programs to fit your organisation’s needs. Define the specific skills, goals, and learning styles you want to focus on.
  3. Training and onboarding: Our team will assist you in setting up your account and integrating it with your existing systems, where you’ll receive comprehensive training to learn how to view and harness data. 
  4. Utilise the Guider Admin Panel: Access the Guider Admin panel to view and download real-time reports. The panel provides comprehensive analytics on user engagement, program success, and skills-based insights.
  5. Continuous success: Work with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to interpret the data and implement actionable solutions. Your CSM will help you address trends and insights to continuously enhance your programs.

By following these steps, you can effectively harness skills-based insights to optimise your mentoring programs and drive continuous development within your organisation.

Ready to transform your mentoring programs with skills-based insights? 

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