Voices of Impact: Testimonials from Our Mentoring Community with Reed

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The benefits of mentoring are well-documented, ranging from accelerated professional growth to enhanced personal development. In Learning and Development, there is pressure to focus on the tangible outcomes of these relationships through metrics and analytics, however, it’s equally important to celebrate the individual stories and outcomes of our initiatives.

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing ‘Guider Spotlights’, featuring mentee and mentor testimonials from Reed’s Women in Technology mentoring programme.  This post highlights the inspiring journeys of our mentors and mentees, showcasing the profound impact of their connections individually and for the wider community. 

Beyond ROI: how to measure the immeasurable

Our advanced Guider analytics provide comprehensive reporting tools that allow L&D leaders and program managers to track the progression of mentoring relationships, skill development, and ultimately the ROI of these programs. However, we recognise that the true value of mentoring extends beyond this. It’s within the intricate and personal experience of our users, the stories of transformation, growth, and connection that offer invaluable insights into the real impact of our platform and what mentoring can bring. 

Our clients are able to create custom surveys to engage their users, gain feedback and continually better the tool, programme and service. We regularly review our survey answers to drive engagement and, ultimately, because they are inspiring!

Testimonials from Reed’s Women in Technology mentoring programme

Here we have provided answers with the aim of demonstrating the true value of mentoring: 

Aaliah Haq and Beverly D’Orsaneo

Aaliah Haq, now an IT consultant at KPMG, was mentored by Beverley, Interim Director. Aaliah was empowered by Beverley to navigate career transitions and explore new opportunities, significantly boosting her professional confidence.

  • Aaliah: “It’s so powerful to see women supporting women, so much so that I decided to become a mentor myself.”
  • Beverley “The opportunity for women in technology to have someone that they can ask questions to and have the support needed is amazing. I wish it had been available when I was younger. I have learnt so much about mentoring, this has given me the chance to reflect.”

Alexandra Vieru and Marie Zamecnikova

Alexandra, mentored by Marie, shares their individual story of the women in technology programme. Alexandra used the programme to find support when looking for a role into tech. Marie’s mentorship helped her overcome her initial uncertainties and build a successful career.

  • Alexandra “Marie has taught me that neither my background, age, nor gender, define how much I value.
  • Marie “The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the women I’ve mentored have broadened my own viewpoints and contributed significantly to the broader goals of diversity in technology by actively supporting and elevating underrepresented voices in the field. By empowering women, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, mentorship helps address the gender imbalance in tech.

Erica Chisholm and James Campbell-Grant

Erica, mentee to James, highlights her progression to a leadership role. James is eager to praise Erica’s hard work and diligence to get her where she is, with James’ guidance and support she has challenged herself to progress.

  • Erica “James has been a constant pillar of support – both challenging me and encouraging my personal growth.
  • James “I have seen in Erica trust and self-belief which has enhanced her confidence, lifting her into the situation she now finds herself in.

Natalie Collins and Greg Morley

Under Greg’s mentorship, Natalie advanced to an IT Director, gaining the confidence to tackle major challenges and inspire other women in tech.

  • Natalie “My first conversation with Kevin [programme manager] was so positive and the programme is incredible. Greg has helped build confidence in my abilities, I am truly 100% more confident in myself.”
  • Greg “This programme is not just a social network to pair mentors and mentees, it is a fully developed community. As a white male CIO whose demographic has undoubtedly benefited my career, I am proud to be a part of this programme, and to have the opportunity to be an ally and give something back to such talented and driven women. I have every confidence that my mentee’s career journey will continue to be a powerful and positive adventure.

Liam Hogan, Fionnuala O’Grady and Shazia Carr

Shazia Carr, mentor to Fionnuala O’Grady and Liam Hogan, provided essential support and guidance to both mentees, helping them navigate their tech careers with greater confidence and strategic insight.

  • Shazia  “As a mentor, it’s the best type of volunteering, the time you give to help others, as I have learnt from my mentees is invaluable and not always a one-way street! I find it immensely rewarding and feel really proud of my mentees.
  • Fionnuala  “I was particularly looking for a sounding board as I faced new challenges such as line management of experienced technology professionals and the delivery of large technology programmes despite not having a similar background or skill set. Shazia has been a fantastic support for me!
  • Liam “Shazia has opened MANY doors for me. She has allowed me to drive the agenda of the sessions which helps to make sure the fruitful advice she offers is also topical and something I can immediately apply to working opportunities.

The bigger picture

These testimonials highlight the impact of mentoring being unique to the individual, whilst being a part of something bigger. 

Each mentee leaves their relationship with higher confidence, self-worth and a new respect for mentoring. This reflects our research that 89% of mentees go on to become mentors. Additionally, these relationships accelerate the personal development of mentors through leadership development and the opportunity to experience new perspectives. Overall, these testimonials reflect the wider impact of mentoring in creating a community of support for minority or underrepresented groups, tackling gender disparity in technology and providing the opportunity to become an ally and give back.  

Join the movement

Whether you are seeking guidance or looking to give back, Guider provides the necessary tools to build, support and scale communities in your organisation. Reach out today to learn how to implement a successful mentoring program and to become part of these inspiring stories.

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Voices of Impact: Testimonials from Our Mentoring Community with Reed

Catch up on our ‘Guider Spotlights’, featuring mentee and mentor testimonials from Reed’s Women in Technology mentoring programme, showcasing the profound impact of their connections in personal growth and the wider community.

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