The True Impact of Mentoring on Mentees: The Talent Tap x Guider

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Did you know that mentoring is not only a valuable tool for businesses, but supports young people to situate themselves in their early careers? Mentorships enable young people to transition into their work-lives with ease.

That’s why Guider is proud to be working with The Talent Tap, a social mobility charity founded in 2011. This fantastic organisation works to break down socio-economic barriers and disadvantages faced by a multitude of students across the UK.

These students aim to build their careers, but don’t necessarily have the network, the funds nor the ideal location to do so. Therefore, the primary aim of The Talent Tap is to provide this, and support each individual as much as they can.

Guider’s mentoring software has become an integral part of helping to break down of these barriers, and to this support young people across the UK.

Below, I tell my story as a Talent Tap mentee to show you the true impact of mentoring!

Zoe’s story: Mentoring with The Talent Tap x Guider

The software:

“Why mentoring software? Why not just manually reach out to request a mentor? The Talent Tap is a prime example where mentoring software is intrinsically the solution.

Overall, Guider software is user-friendly. Anyone can easily navigate through the process of a pairing.

Also, I utilised the software’s algorithm to help me find the best mentor. Upon listing preferences of the skills I would develop, the algorithm identified four potential mentors. This in itself is unique – I wasn’t paired off with someone who was only a great fit on paper, but I had ownership of the decision and was in control.

There was a potential mentor who fit all the right criteria regarding similarities; we both had a history degree in common (though mine not completed), alongside many other factors.

But, the mentor I chose was a consultant (consultancy an industry I’d never understood). This is the beauty of Guider’s mentoring software; I had that freedom and ownership through the platform and through the power of the algorithm when pairing these relationships. Meaning I picked the person that I wanted to learn from most.”

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The experience:

“I had the opportunity last year to become a mentee. I have been mentored before but had never used the mentoring software that Guider creates. My previous mentoring experience was very structured, and not in a good way! Neither I nor my mentor had freedom in how I was mentored through our relationship.

However, Guider was different. My mentor and I spoke about what we wanted to work on. One area was building a CV from scratch; any previous drafts I had were created for part-time jobs I’d taken up during school and not ready for where I am now in my early career.

Also, I wanted to develop my knowledge in the industries that I was interested in, and platforms I could use to find the right work opportunities for me. I had many mentoring sessions and each one built up my confidence in situating myself in the world of work.”

📖 To find out more: Mentoring: How does it work? 📖

The impact:

“My CV, and general knowledge of different sectors, had been the central goals of my Guider mentoring sessions. Now, I have a completed CV that graduate companies use as an example for other students. My mentor played an integral role in that process.

The impact that mentoring had on me was lasting, as it developed my confidence stepping into the corporate world. It expanded my knowledge of different sectors, and enhanced my soft skills.”

The impact of mentoring on the mentee can be huge. Mentoring can not only be used as a means of strengthening companies, but equally for the personal development of early career job seekers and students such as myself.

The Talent Tap is one of many organisations that Guider works with to enhance personal growth amongst young people, and best of all, it’s used in many of their future employers too!

Find out more about Guider’s mentoring software for personal growth, or for the growth of your company: book a demo, today!

The ROI of Mentoring

The ROI of Mentoring

How to measure and prove the impact of mentoring

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