Top Mentoring and L&D Podcasts to Listen to in 2023
Reuben O'Connell
4 minutes
June 28, 2023

Staying up to date in the world of L&D and mentorship is a full-time job in itself. Luckily we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of podcasts we love covering a range of exciting and fascinating topics in the L&D space. 

Podcasts are a simple way to stay in the know. With bite-size episodes, you can listen to on the bus, at your desk, or simply over a cup of tea. There’s a reason we’re living in the age of podcasts – it’s a fantastic way to take learning into your own hands and find inspiration from experts you can trust. 

We’re here to give you the down low on the best podcasts out there. Our list includes our favourite episodes and why you should give each your precious time and attention. 

So, without further ado, let’s get to it! 

Top L&D podcasts to follow in 2023 

1. Guided, Guider 

First on our list is our very own podcast, Guided. Brought to you by the fantastic hosts Nicola and Danika, our podcast brings together industry experts to explore the human side of work. 

The team have assembled a line-up of truly inspirational figures in L&D, DE&I and Talent to talk about a range of topics from developing young leaders to cultivating true equity. These are the topics that we’re passionate here at Guider and we wanted to share these insights with as many people as possible! 

Come for the big questions and stay for insights from industry experts that you can action in your work life today. 

We recommend giving our first season a listen to hear more, starting with this insightful episode with Julie Dennis on menopause in the workplace. 

🎙Listen on Spotify: Menopause at Work: Breaking down stigma and retaining top talent with Julie Dennis

Listen to Angie Vaux on the Guided podcast on the importance of mentoring, coaching and personal advisory boards.2. L&D Disrupt, HowNow 

We love our friends at HowNow’s podcast, L&D Disrupt. They’re here to help you keep up with the fast-paced changes in the world of work. 

Their podcast covers a range of topics across the L&D space. With short and long-form content, as well as their new series ‘Path to CPO’, you’re sure to find inspiration across the board. It’s essential listening if you want to become a fast-learning, modern and agile company. 

We recommend this short-form episode on ‘Marketing Principles for L&D Teams’ with Hannah Waddams to get you started. 

🎙Listen on Spotify here.  

3. The Learning & Development Podcast, David James

With more than 20 years of experience, David James has an impressive career under his belt in Talent and L&D. This is what makes his podcast a go-to place to learn about top topics affecting the profession today. 

If you want to hear from experts at top companies, then this is the podcast for you. James brings together impressive contacts to have lively debates on topics across the board. 

This episode on ‘Performance-Oriented L&D’ with Lila Warren of Pret a Manger is a great place to start. 

🎙Listen on Spotify here.  

4. L&D Plus: A Collaborative Learning Podcast

Brought to you by 360 Learning, the L&D Plus podcast focuses on how L&D teams can work together to achieve L&D goals. They want to make learning a team sport. 

And we agree! Collaborative learning is not just a buzzword – it’s an essential way for learning to thrive in your organisation. That’s why we love this podcast. It’s all about bringing people together to support learning across your organisation. 

To get started, why not check out the episode ‘L&D Plus Operations: What to do when talented people get bored’. 

🎙Listen on Spotify here

5. The Coaching Crowd 

For those interested in how to incorporate coaching into your practice to become a better leader, this podcast is for you. 

Hosted by Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins, they expertly guide listeners in effective coaching techniques. Here, you can learn how to get the best of your people, and at the same time learn more about ourselves.

We loved this episode on ‘People Pleasing in Coaching’ and think it’s a great place to start listening! 

🎙Listen on Spotify here

6. The Digital Adoption Show

This is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to see ROI on digital HR and L&D tools. 

The episodes are focused on providing you with hacks that you can implement today – making it a go-to resource for digital-adoption strategies.

We highly recommend this episode from Nick Shackleton-Jones, a big name in L&D for a reason. He talks about his journey in L&D advising leaders on creating the right L&D program for your organisation. 

🎙Listen on Spotify here

7. The Learning Leader 

Hosted by Ryan Hawk, this podcast is for people who love hearing interviews with top professionals. In each episode, Ryan interviews leaders so that we can all learn to be better leaders. 

With guests including, Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Kat Cole, Adam Grant and more, there are so many topics covered across the series you won’t get bored! 

Why not start with this insightful episode on ‘Lessons from the world’s longest study on happiness’ with Dr Marc Schulz. 

🎙Listen on Spotify here

A laptop, headphones and podcast microphone8. How I Met My Mentor

Last but not least, we’ve loved ‘How I Met My Mentor’ for obvious reasons! In these half hour episodes, we meet women from around the world talking about their successes and challenges. 

This is a great podcast for anyone in need of a little inspiration in their work life. With each interviewee acting as the mentor for the listener, there’s so much to learn from these inspiring women. 

We recommend starting with this episode ‘Perfectionism paralyses you’ with Jodi Tingling.

🎙Listen here

All these podcasts are full of insights for anyone looking to learn more about L&D, mentoring, and leadership. Remember, learning is in your hands – so why not make time to pop on a podcast and get your daily dose of new inspiration? 

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