The Top Mentoring Apps That You Need to Download, Today

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To support your mentoring program’s success, it’s important to have the right tools. That’s why we’re here to recommend the top 5 apps that you need to support mentoring and dig into why mentoring software is the best tool of all for effective mentoring!

Considering that 79% of millennials consider mentoring to be a crucial step on their journey to career success, it’s more imperative than ever that you use mentoring apps and software to keep everything running smoothly.

In this article, we take you through some of the best mentoring apps and software, so that you can be more informed when you pick your tools. Let’s dive in!

What is a mentoring app?

A mentoring app is a virtual platform used to handle all aspects of mentorship. This includes scheduling meetings, session plans, and of course, keeping all of the information relevant to each mentoring client in one concise space. When looking for a mentoring app, all-in-one is what you are looking for.

Its function doesn’t stop there. Mentoring apps allow program leads to stay on top of their mentoring program. This way, they can easily check in on who’s meeting who, how it’s going, and keep track of all of the feedback.

Some mentoring platforms will have a mobile app, while others will have a platform accessible through your browser on desktop and mobile. Either way, a mentoring app can transform your program.

Mentoring apps can also include other tools that facilitate mentoring such as calendars or virtual meeting tools. In this article, we include advice on both so that you can find the tools you need to support mentoring in your organisation.

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How can apps benefit my mentoring program?

Without mentoring apps, we are ultimately restricted in our methods for delivering mentoring programs, as program leads have to use spreadsheets and manual notes to make matches and track success. This is time and admin intensive.

And that’s time that could be spent pursuing more productive activities for HR and L&D teams. By using a mentoring app or software, you can ease that admin burden and still maximise mentoring in your organisation.  

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As an employee, using a mentoring app or software will keep all aspects of your mentoring relationship in one place. And as a program lead, mentoring apps help companies to keep track of employee-mentor relationships at scale.

Here are some more benefits of using mentoring apps or software:

  • Smart matching that connects the right people to the right mentors
  • Set and track mentoring goals to stay motivated as a mentor/mentee
  • Find resources and learning materials to support the mentoring journey
  • Built in messaging, video conferencing and goal setting to keep mentoring all in one place
  • Plug-and-play integrations that make the platform fit seamlessly into your existing tech
  • Detailed data reporting that allows program leads to iterate and report on ROI with ease

If you’re not ready to use mentoring software, then there are a range of additional apps that you can make available to your people to make mentoring run more smoothly. Easy access to mentoring apps can support sign-up and engagement with mentoring. Find out more below.

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Top 5 mentoring apps you need

1. Slack

Slack has been going from strength to strength since its inception. It now has over 20 billion (woah!) users and is predicted to have billions more in 2024.

It can be used to support mentoring by providing an easy chat function and the ability to start channels (aka groups) where your program participants can all interact.

It’s a great tool for remote and hybrid teams and allows you to communicate with your mentors and mentees with ease. 

2. Zoom

The cloud-based Zoom is a universally known video chat platform. It’s simple to use and share meeting links, making it a good app to have on hand for mentoring. 

Given how widely it’s used in the workplace already, it’s a great video chat app to support remote mentoring meet-ups as well as mentoring events or training sessions. 

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3. Notion

Notion gives its users the option for Team, School or Personal formats and has an extensive note-taking format that makes maintenance as convenient as it gets. Not only this but it has many great reviews from satisfied customers.

It’s important in mentoring that both parties take and share notes. An app like Notion can be a helpful way to share agendas, goals and action points that keeps both parties accountable.

4. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is accessible, familiar, and integrated very well with most platforms (including Guider!). It can be used for scheduling and timing, and is also transferable. It also has a tonne of great features such as an address book, reminders, and alerts.

To make sure your mentors and mentees are getting their next meeting scheduled with ease and arriving on time, a calendar app is a fantastic tool.

5. Guider

As great as the above platforms are, none of them are designed specifically for mentoring. Guider is.

To that end, Guider is chock full of features akin to that of Google Calendar, Notion, and Zoom. In fact, it contains meeting scheduling (that integrates with calendars such as Google), video conferencing, messaging and goal-tracking. This means participants can stay in one place, boosting engagement with mentoring. 

On top of this, with full customisation, you can create a platform that fits into your company’s look and feel – helping to fully embed mentoring in your culture. It also integrates with your HRIS, making reporting on ROI easier and more detailed than ever. 

In short, Guider is an all-in-one mentoring platform that allows you to craft your mentoring program to you and your mentee’s specifications and preferences. While we don’t yet have an ‘app’, our platform works on mobile and desktop with ease, making it the perfect tool for opening up mentoring in your organisation. 

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The wrap up

Overall, mentoring apps are a great way streamline and optimise your mentoring programs. They bring so many benefits to your program participants, as well as your ability to track and maintain your mentoring success.

Whether you choose to support mentoring through a range of standard off the shelf apps or go for an all-in-one solution, like Guider, there are plenty of mentoring apps on the market that can help set you up for success.

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