What is Skills-Based Matching? Definition, Purpose, Benefits

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Forget the spreadsheets, eliminate unconscious biases, and bring real meaning to the matches in your mentoring, coaching, and peer learning initiatives. Our user-friendly platform harnesses a skills-based matching algorithm, making it easier than ever to connect employees in your organisation. Reach perfection in your matches, leading to highly engaged participants and a self-service solution to skill development. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into what ‘skills-based matching’ means, how it works and the numerous benefits it provides.

What is skills-based matching?

Skills-based mentor matching refers to connecting individuals based on the skills they seek and offer. As the foundation of our matching templates, our advanced matching algorithm is designed to pair individuals within organisations at scale, while maintaining high accuracy. This element of matching automation helps streamline your organisation’s operations, significantly reducing the time spent on manual pairings.

How does it work? 

When learners sign up to a premade program, they select from a taxonomy of soft and hard skills they wish to develop with a mentor, coach or peer. Through the power of AI matching algorithms, our platform instantly provides a shortlist of mentors who have identified themselves as experts in these skills, achieving a matching accuracy of up to 97.4%.

Next, the learners have the autonomy to choose their match, a process known as choice-driven development

Benefits of skills-based matching

Skills-based matching goes beyond our algorithm; it automates the process, removes unconscious bias and ensures instant connections while maintaining efficiency and precision. This approach allows each participant to highlight what they need from the program and showcases these results to L&D leaders. 

Learning personalisation

Implementing skill-based matching into your mentoring initiatives ensures that learning is personalised to every individual. Learners can review what they really want out of the experience by requesting which specific skills they need to improve. In turn, mentors can define their capabilities from the start, giving them confidence throughout the process. 

Increased engagement 

Remember, skills-based matching results in a 97.4% matching accuracy and instant connections, allowing for continuous learning. Better matches and personalised experiences drive engagement in skill-development initiatives. This is particularly true for mentoring; the deeper the connection, the higher the engagement and the longer the relationship lasts.


When individuals aren’t limited by seniority or experience, anyone can become a mentor if they have key strengths in core skills. With skills-based matching, you can scale mentoring, peer learning and coaching programs across siloed communities, regions and sectors without limits. 

Gaining skills-based insights

Incorporating skills-based enables Learning and Development professionals to gather comprehensive skills-based data in one central platform. It helps to identify which skills employees want to develop and which skills are frequently offered, allowing organisations to identify skills gaps and close them.  

What are skills-based insights? 

Skills-based insights refer to the data aggregated from skills-based matching, centralised into our Guider Admin platform. This platform allows mentoring program leaders to access exclusive mentoring analytics, such as user engagement, program success and skills-based insights. 

Skills-based insights can highlight key trends in skills sought and skills offered across programs. These insights are essential for demonstrating the success of mentoring programs, understanding skill progression and identifying skills gaps. 


Your skills-based insights demonstrate that over 200 hundred learners have requested ‘dealing with stress’ as a skill sought, yet, you only have 20 mentors with this skill offered.

Within seconds you have identified:

  1. A gap for ‘dealing with stress’ between skills sought and offered.
  2. 200 learners feel stressed at work, which could lead to burnout.

Results of skills-based insights

So what can we do with these insights? 

At Guider, our clients are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to outline and ensure success. When insights show specific trends, whether positive or negative, your CSM is on hand to suggest actionable solutions. 

Limited mentors for ‘dealing with stress’Launch an Engagement campaign to attract more mentors skilled in ‘dealing with stress’ to the program.1) Mentees are quickly assigned mentors to work on this skill. 
2) Increased program engagement.
200 learners feel stressed at workPerform a program engagement survey to identify causes of stress at work and action results.1) Employees feel heard. 
2) Improve wellbeing
3) Reduced stress, avoiding burnout. 
Insights from skills-based matching on Guider Matching analytics allows Learning and Development leaders to create solutions and drive results from their mentoring initiatives.

Read how skills-based insights were used to analyse Reverse Mentoring programs

How to implement skills-based matching

Implementing skills-based matching can revolutionise the way you develop talent within your organisation. By leveraging our advanced platform, you’ll achieve precise matches for deeper connections and continuous engagement.

Discover how skills-based matching can benefit your organisation. Book a consultation call with us today and let our experts guide you through the process. 

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