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Achieve more, for less

  • Scalable software with minimal admin
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  • Enable effective hybrid working
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 How we work together

We provide expert support throughout the journey from set-up to proving ROI.

Customise your experience

Design your platform according to your brand’s look and feel. Tailor your programs to your people to ensure you hit your learning and development goals.

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Consult with our learning experts 

One of our experienced Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way. We provide proactive support, bespoke advice and identify growth opportunities.

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Make matches that make sense

Connect your people to share experiences and learn from each other, with the help of our world-class matching algorithm. Easily manage and track your relationships.

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Prove your success 

Mentoring and peer learning can look different in every business but success is defined by you. Our reporting dashboard tracks the metrics you need to demonstrate impact.

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Impactful tips, news and guides from our community of experts

Customer stories: LVMH

LVMH set a goal to achieve a 50:50 gender ratio across their senior leadership positions in 2020. One of their strategies for getting there was mentoring.

Guider were delighted to work with LVMH on this ambition, creating an impactful mentoring program to empower women across the group.

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Facilitating Female Leadership: Get the
e-book today

Diverse representation in leadership is crucial for successful businesses. This e-book guides you through creating genuinely accessible pathways for female leaders.

Facilitating female leadership

Your frequently asked questions

Why is mentoring for diversity and inclusion so powerful?

Mentoring and peer learning are powerful tools for human connection and growth. They have many uses for diversity and inclusion, making them essential tools to embed in your D&I strategy.

This includes:

  • Foster a more diverse leadership team by developing young leaders from underrepresented backgrounds through mentoring.
  • Foster inclusivity by connecting people with shared characteristics for learning and growth through ERGs.

Find out more about how mentoring can support your D&I initiatives in our guide.

How do I start a DE&I mentoring program?

Starting a mentoring program involves some careful planning. Luckily, we’ve put together this step by step guide to designing your mentoring program to help you.

When tailoring it for DE&I initiatives, it’s important to make sure you understand the needs of the group or groups you are trying to target so that you can design your program effectively. It’s also important to get senior buy-in, especially for DE&I. This can make a huge difference in the success of your program as it signals top level support and understanding of your goals.

You’ll also need to consider factors such as the size and ambition of your program, as well as the best time frame. For example, reverse mentoring works best in shorter, structured programs. With proper preparation you can prevent problems later down the line, so make sure you invest time in the planning stages!

What does mentoring software do?

Here at Guider, our mentoring software works using a sophisticated matching algorithm with a 96.5% matching accuracy. Users input their information and are matched with several potential mentors, giving them the power to choose. They are then able to communicate, book meetings and find additional resources through the platform, which also provides real-time metrics to help hit your success criteria.

To find out more about how Guider’s platform works, take a look at our guide.

Can I start a reverse mentoring program with Guider?

Starting a reverse mentoring program with Guider is simple. In fact, we can create a range of programs for you, all managed in one easy to use platform.

We have plenty of resources to support your reverse mentoring program too and our expert team will guide you through the process.

Find out more about starting a reverse mentoring program in our guide.

Can mentoring support my Employee Resource Groups?


You can implement a mentoring program through your ERGs to target support to a specific group or groups. By connecting people within the group you can create connections for support. Or by connecting people across the business, you can open up doors to learning and progression companywide.

Find out more about supporting ERGs in our guide.

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