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Powering diversity and inclusion initiatives at world-leading brands

How we help DE&I teams like yours

Create change at scale

  • Build DE&I infrastructure
  • Reduced admin gives you your time back
  • Automated matching improves quality of relationships

Speed up DE&I progress

  • Improve representation in leadership
  • Enable inclusive workplace practices
  • Connect siloed communities and employee resource groups

Achieve buy-in

  • Encourage leaders to champion DE&I
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Measure progressive change in the workplace

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Mentoring for diversity and inclusion

 How we work together

We provide expert support throughout the journey from set-up to proving ROI.

Customise your experience

Design your platform according to your brand’s look and feel. Tailor your programs to your people to ensure you hit your learning and development goals.

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Consult with our learning experts 

One of our experienced Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way. We provide proactive support, bespoke advice and identify growth opportunities.

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Make matches that make sense

Connect your people to share experiences and learn from each other, with the help of our world-class matching algorithm. Easily manage and track your relationships.

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Prove your success 

Mentoring and peer learning can look different in every business but success is defined by you. Our reporting dashboard tracks the metrics you need to demonstrate impact.

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Discover the platform that everyone's talking about

We’re with you every step of the way

‍Guider provides unparalleled support including:

  • Dedicated Customer Support Manager
  • Internal communications and promotion support
  • Promotional events and webinars
  • Exclusive materials and resources
  • Guider People Network community learning

Impactful tips, news and guides from our community of experts

Questions? Well, we’re here to help…

Why is mentoring so effective for diversity and inclusion intiatives?

Mentoring is an effective tool for diversity and inclusion initiatives for a number of reasons.

For diversity, mentoring programs can connect people from underrepresented backgrounds with the people they need to develop. Reverse mentoring is a great way to improve cultural competency in senior management.

Mentoring can also build inclusive workplaces through fostering safe spaces for learning and support. Using mentoring to support your ERGs is a great way to foster inclusion.

How can mentoring make lasting change?

A well-designed mentoring program can create lasting change in your organisation by setting up relationships that last. With better matches, your relationships are more likely to have impact.

Given that 89% of those mentored go on to mentor other people, mentoring programs create a positive ripple effect that goes way beyond the initial pilot.

What's the benefit to using mentoring software?

From better matching to greater reporting functionality, the benefits of mentoring software are numerous. A manual program can only take you so far, if you want to scale-up your impact then software is the way to go.

With Guider, we take you through the whole process from start to finish. Our expertise means we’ll help you to design the best program for your people and provide ongoing support.

Can I better facilitate ERGs through mentoring?


Providing mentoring and peer learning through your employee resource groups is a great way to facilitate support and learning.

Mentoring can also form an attractive benefit for people joining ERGs and show ROI for these groups.

When can I get started with mentoring?

Well, today!

Book a demo with our team to see the Guider platform in action. We’ll then guide you through the entire process and get your mentoring program set up with ease.

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