Customer stories: How M&S used Guider

Marks & Spencer:
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The requirements of the workforce are changing. With more emphasis on personal development and workplace wellbeing than ever before, companies need to address how they’re supporting their people to keep them fulfilled and progressing at work. Discover how one of the UK's biggest retailers, Marks and Spencer, used Guider to streamline their L&D and mentoring programme.

CUSTOMER STORIES “Before we signed up with Guider, we had a very ad-hoc mentoring system, there wasn’t any science behind it. You were very much still in your silo’d area, so we needed something more structured. What Guider has done is opened that up, so you can now be a mentor or a mentee with anybody in the business... It’s been a real eye opener for how easily we can connect all the different people within the business, and not only connect them, but share everybody’s fantastic skills.” - Suzie King, Programme Manager Creating a company-wide culture of mentoring For many mentees on the programme at M&S, being mentored by somebody in a completely different business area to them is one of the most valuable things. Getting exposure to new perspectives from someone they would never have the chance to meet gives employees additional support figures outside their team, as well as a more well-rounded view of the business. And this type of support is invaluable. Mentees have reported increases in confidence, self-assuredness, and motivation since using Guider and meeting their mentor. One mentee has even received a promotion after their mentor encouraged them to apply, showing how the program is already having a tangible and positive impact. 2
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