Run employee onboarding programmes supported by mentoring

Kick-start long-lasting employee engagement and productivity with a mentor-driven approach.

Why teams choose Guider for employee onboarding programmes

A mentoring-first approach to employee onboarding

Create impactful employee journeys that start strong and sustain engagement

Turbocharge employee onboarding programmes

Mentors fast-track new hires’ integration and skill development, boosting team cohesion and job satisfaction. It’s real-time guidance that drives immediate results.

Create onboarding excellence

Use Guider’s intelligent matching to pair new hires with experienced mentors, tailored to career goals and specific job roles.

Manage relationships effectively

Efficiently manage mentor-mentee interactions with session tracking and scheduling and note-taking features, adding accountability and value to your employee onboarding programme.


Smart mentor

Our data-driven algorithm expertly pairs new hires with seasoned employees, focusing on compatibility factors that enable a fast and effective onboarding.

resource hub

Our Learning Hub provides targeted materials to supplement your employee onboarding programme, enhancing mentorship and fostering continued growth.

Online and offline
session support

Whether mentoring occurs online or in person, our platform integrates all interactions to ensure your employee onboarding programme is effective and cohesive.

Measure and refine your onboarding strategy

Measure onboarding progress

Keep a pulse on your employee onboarding through metrics that monitor team and individual progress.

Demonstrate value to stakeholders

Use data-driven insights to demonstrate the ROI of your onboarding initiatives, making it easier to get executive support.

Adaptive learning paths

Leverage real-time analytics to continually optimise your employee onboarding programme, ensuring each new hire is set up for long-term success.

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