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Join the biggest global brands developing their people through mentoring

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Prevent churn

  • Retain skilled employees
  • Attract committed talent
  • Develop quality leaders
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Provide impactful learning

  • 1:1 mentorship
  • Holistic development
  • Address skills gaps

Grow company culture

  • Increase hybrid connection
  • Prevent siloes
  • Provide initiative projects

Discover the platform that everyone's talking about

 How we work together

We provide expert support throughout the journey from set-up to proving ROI.

Customise your experience

Design your platform according to your brand’s look and feel. Tailor your programs to your people to ensure you hit your learning and development goals.

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Consult with our learning experts 

One of our experienced Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way. We provide proactive support, bespoke advice and identify growth opportunities.

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Make matches that make sense

Connect your people to share experiences and learn from each other, with the help of our world-class matching algorithm. Easily manage and track your relationships.

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Prove your success 

Mentoring and peer learning can look different in every business but success is defined by you. Our reporting dashboard tracks the metrics you need to demonstrate impact.

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Impactful tips, news and guides from our community of experts

We’re with you every step of the way

‍Guider provides unparalleled support, including:

  • Dedicated Customer Support Manager
  • Internal comms and promotion support
  • Promotional events and webinars
  • Exclusive materials and resources
  • Guider People Network community learning
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Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship: Get the e-book, today!

Looking to learn more about developing your people through mentoring, coaching and sponsorship? We’ve got you covered.

Download our e-book to learn more about how these 3 practices can work together to transform your learning and development.

Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship
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What is Peer Learning? Definition, Purpose and Benefits

Peer learning involves collaborating with equals to educate each other. Explore the powerful way to support skills through peer learning in this blog.

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Retain and Develop Your Engineers With Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship

Charge your engineering team's growth and retention with effective mentoring strategies. Discover how to develop top talent in this insightful blog post.

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Mentoring a New Generation of Software Developers: Interview with Dragos Nedelcu

Gain valuable insights from Dragos Nedelcu, an expert in mentoring software developers. Discover proven strategies to empower and guide your team to success.

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