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Achieve more, for less

  • Scalable software with minimal admin
  • Faster, smoother onboarding
  • Seamless integrations that reduce your tech stack
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Boost learning and development

  • Build a culture of continuous learning
  • Provide competitive benefits
  • Connect your graduates for upskilling and development
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Retain your graduate talent

  • Nurture graduate talent
  • Build networks for talent across the business
  • Improve graduate engagement and experience

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 How we work together

We provide expert support throughout the journey from set-up to proving ROI.

Customise your experience

Design your platform according to your brand’s look and feel. Tailor your programs to your people to ensure you hit your learning and development goals.

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Consult with our learning experts 

One of our experienced Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way. We provide proactive support, bespoke advice and identify growth opportunities.

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Make matches that make sense

Connect your people to share experiences and learn from each other, with the help of our world-class matching algorithm. Easily manage and track your relationships.

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Make impact that lasts

With our data insights, you can understand skills gaps in your organisation to improve the graduate experience. This has long-term effects on engagement, productivity and retention across your organisation.

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“I started at M&S on the Buying Graduate Scheme straight out of university. Mentoring is a really great thing for graduates because you come from uni where it’s a totally different environment and then you’re thrust into this corporate bubble. Guider was so helpful because it put me in touch with the right people, who were willing and able to give up their valuable time to mentor me. Without that I’d have felt panicked because you just don’t know who to reach out to, or who is available to actually help you.”

Victoria Stace
Buying Graduate, M&S

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Supporting graduate scheme employees by making mentors accessible

M&S use Guider to make mentoring available to everyone, no matter their age or level.

For Graduates like Victoria, this meant she was able to find additional support and build her network in the company during her graduate scheme.

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