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Ensure you develop and retain your graduate talent with transformative mentoring programs

Our scalable platform rapidly up-skills your graduates and fosters a sense of belonging.

Unlock the potential of your graduate employees through mentoring

With mentoring being a proven method of increasing employee engagement, retention, and diverse representation – a successful program is the key to nurturing and holding on to your top graduate talent. Run Graduate Mentoring Programs through Guider and provide your junior workforce with the support they need to develop.

76% of Gen Z see learning as the key to advancement in their careers

Graduate turnover rose to its highest point in 10 years during the pandemic

Prioritise graduate development while building employee connections

The Guider platform can develop and engage your graduate workforce by matching them with the most relevant mentors in your business.

Identify key skill areas your graduates are looking for

With Guider’s data insights, you can understand skills gaps in your organisation to improve the graduate experience. This has long-term effects on engagement, productivity and retention across your organisation.

Supporting Graduate Scheme employees by making mentors accessible

M&S use Guider to make mentoring available to everyone, no matter their age or level.

For Graduates like Victoria, this meant she was able to find additional support and build her network in the company during her graduate scheme.

I started at M&S on the Buying Graduate Scheme straight out of university. Mentoring is a really great thing for graduates because you come from uni where it’s a totally different environment and then you’re thrust into this corporate bubble.

Guider was so helpful because it put me in touch with the right people, who were willing and able to give up their valuable time to mentor me. Without that I’d have felt panicked because you just don’t know who to reach out to, or who is available to actually help you.

Victoria Stace
Buying Graduate, Marks & Spencer

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