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The Guider People Network (GPN) is a place to meet like-minded professionals.

We’ve created a space for Learning, People, HR, DEI and Talent professionals to come together to share expertise, network and support each other.

With members from a range of top organisations, including: HSBC, Unilever, Amazon, GSK and ASOS. 

We run both in-person and virtual events throughout the year. Our community is a friendly place to learn and grow together and best of all, it’s completely free.

“Being part of the GPN has been an enriching experience. I look forward to the sessions as I leave each one more curious from having learnt something new and made a new connection. The more we share our knowledge, our success and failure stories, the more we learn and can support each other in our DEI practices. Thank you, Danika and team, for creating this platform for us!”

Priyaneet Kainth
Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Haleon

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How does the GPN work?

Join the GPN in a few simple steps and start benefiting from our community, today:

  • Register your interest in the GPN below
  • Chat with our Community Manager, Danika
  • Join the LinkedIn group and introduce yourself
  • Get the date of the next session
  • Come along to learn from others
  • Suggest future topic and discussion ideas
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Why did we start the GPN?

At Guider, we see first hand the positive impact of peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing, every day.

With small teams working on big topics, we wanted to create a place where people could network over shared experiences or common challenges.

And the Guider People Network helps us learn too. The insights and expertise shared in every session helps us to understand our clients and create the best platform we can to support them.

Interested in getting involved?

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