Empower Every Learner with AI-Powered Personalisation

Discover a world where learning is as unique as each of your employees, designed to inspire, engage, and upskill.

Trusted and loved by more than 100 of the world's biggest companies

Truly personalised learning experiences for every employee.

Move beyond one-size-fits-all solutions that fail to captivate or deliver.

Fully connected learning, directly where your employees work.

As well as its standalone platform, Guru integrates natively with major communication tools like MS Teams and Slack.

AI-powered learning personalisation.

Guru's unique AI truly gets to know and understand your learners - when and how they like to engage with content - and guides them towards the most impactful content for them.

Skills-based learning, by AI and human connection.

Guru puts the world's learning resources at your fingertips - from you own LMS content, through to brand-new AI generated learning materials (and much more besides).

When solo learning isn't cutting it, Guru helps to create spontaneous, real-time connections between learners to help them upskill together.

How Guru Works

Connect Learning Sources

Guru connects to hundreds of LMS, LXP and Course providers as well as publicly-available content like YouTube, Medium and Coursera.

Discover Learning Styles

Every learner completes Guru's Learning Style Assessment to help guide the individualised learning podsthey receive.

Set Goals and Target Skills

Pull development goals directly from your HRIS, or allow learners to set individual skills and career goals directly.

Receive Personalised Learning Pods

Guru provides each learner with a series of fully personalised Learning Pods, suited to their learning style, designed to ensure they hit their goals.

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