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Powering HR initiatives at leading organisations

How we help HR teams like yours

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Achieve more, for less

  • Scalable software with minimal admin
  • Faster, smoother onboarding
  • Seamless integrations that reduce your tech stack
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Future-proof your HR

  • Enable effective hybrid working
  • Provide competitive benefits
  • Receive expert advice and support from our teams
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Retain your talent

  • Nurture graduate talent
  • Develop skills at scale
  • Improve employee engagement and experience

Discover the platform that everyone's talking about

 How we work together

We provide expert support throughout the journey from set-up to proving ROI.

Customise your experience

Design your platform according to your brand’s look and feel. Tailor your programs to your people to ensure you hit your learning and development goals.

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Consult with our learning experts 

One of our experienced Customer Success Managers will be with you every step of the way. We provide proactive support, bespoke advice and identify growth opportunities.

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Make matches that make sense

Connect your people to share experiences and learn from each other, with the help of our world-class matching algorithm. Easily manage and track your relationships.

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Prove your success 

Mentoring and peer learning can look different in every business but success is defined by you. Our reporting dashboard tracks the metrics you need to demonstrate impact.

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Impactful tips, news and guides from our community of experts

We’re with you every step of the way

Guider provides unparalleled support including:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Internal comms and promotion support
  • Promotional events and webinars
  • Exclusive materials and resources
  • Guider People Network community learning
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Building an Impactful Mentoring Program: get the e-book

Are you ready to make impact? With planning templates and checklists, we’re here to guide you through the entire process of building a mentoring program that gets results.

Building an impactful mentoring program

Our frequently asked questions, answered

Why should I start a workplace mentoring program?

Starting a mentoring program has a whole host of amazing benefits!

From better employee retention and engagement to supporting DE&I initiatives, mentoring is a smart solution that ticks multiple boxes at once.

If you want to connect people across your business for learning and growth, then starting a mentoring program is the way to go.

How do I prevent employee churn?

Talent retention is a major headache across industries. And while there’s no magic bullet for preventing employee churn, investing in mentoring can help.

Mentoring and peer learning provide opportunities for your people to learn, network and improve their wellbeing at work. All these factors contribute to greater employee satisfaction and engagement.

How does mentoring software work?

Here at Guider, our mentoring platform works using smart matching software that pairs your people with their best ever match.

Users input their information and are matched with several potential mentors, giving them the power to choose. They are then able to communicate, book meetings and find additional resources through the platform, which also provides real-time metrics to help hit your success criteria.

To find out more about how Guider’s best mentoring platform works, take a look at our guide.

What are the benefits of mentoring software for HR?

We know that HR teams are working hard to create a positive people experience.

Mentoring software provides a smart, scalable solution that helps you to hit a range of targets. From retaining talent to developing future leaders, investing in mentoring will go a long way to improve your culture and employee satisfaction.

What if I run the program manually?

You can of course start a mentoring program manually. However, if you want to scale your program and grow your impact, manual matching can become incredibly time-intensive.

Investing in mentoring software is a fantastic way of saving yourself time while increasing the reach of your program.

Can I see the platform in action?

Certainly! Book a demo with our team today and we can show you how Guider works. This is also a great time to discuss your needs and how our platform can help.
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