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Elevate your organisation’s DE&I initiatives with reverse mentoring.

Why teams choose Guider for DE&I

DE&I initiatives, supercharged

Connect employees and start meaningful conversations

Turn DE&I Goals into Action

Use Guider’s intelligent matching to create mentor-mentee pairs that align with your specific diversity and inclusion objectives.

Enrich the mentorship experience

Supplement each mentoring relationship with curated content from our Learning Hub, addressing key DE&I topics like unconscious bias and inclusivity.

Manage relationships effectively

Utilise session and note management tools to keep track of key discussions, milestones, and actions, even if sessions are carried out offline, ensuring every relationship is productive and accountable.



Our algorithm considers thousands of data points to create meaningful relationships and removes bias in mentor/mentee selection, by utilising skills and goal-oriented methodology.


Access a wealth of DE&I-focused content to supplement your employee’s mentoring sessions and create continuous learning and engagement.

Online and offline
session support

Run sessions through integrations with Teams, Meet and more, or take them offline and keep track of sessions and notes all in the Guider platform.

Measure the impact,
refine the strategy

Track DE&I progress

Drive accountability and transparency in diversity and inclusion efforts by measuring engagement KPIs at an organisational and individual level.

Secure executive buy-in

Use data-driven insights to demonstrate the ROI of your diversity and inclusion initiatives, making it easier to get executive support.

Continual refinement

Leverage real-time analytics to adapt and refine your DE&I strategy, ensuring long-term success and impact.

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