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Bringing together structured and unstructured learning

Our Learning Hub is packed with curated content specifically tailored to elevate the mentoring process. Whether it’s refining mentoring techniques or understanding the nuances of DE&I, the Learning Hub can be your employee’s go-to resource.

learning journey

Our Learning Hub isn’t just for one-off learning; it’s designed for continual development. Regular updates with fresh content ensure mentors and mentees have access to the latest insights and best practices to support them in their journey.


The Learning Hub is accessible directly within the Guider platform, ensuring that learning is a natural part of the mentoring experience, not an additional task.


Financial Services | L&D Lead

“Guider’s Learning Hub has revolutionised the way we approach mentoring. The depth of resources available has not only improved our sessions but also our overall approach to professional development.”

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A comprehensive start

Employee’s can kickstart their mentoring journey with our diverse range of articles. Whether they’re preparing for their first session, crafting an engaging bio, or seeking the right mentor/mentee, our Learning Hub helps employees use Guider effectively from the start.

With practical setup guides and tips for initial interactions, they’re well-equipped to begin with confidence and clarity.

Growth and development tools

The heart of mentoring lies in growth and development. Our Learning Hub offers a wealth of resources to guide this phase.

Employees can delve into articles about effective questioning, goal setting, and honing their skills as a mentor or mentee. Learn about communication techniques, overcoming challenges, and the nuances of giving and receiving feedback.

With resources on active listening and the stages of mentoring relationships, they’re empowered to foster a dynamic and impactful mentoring experience.

Reflection and advancement

Concluding a mentoring journey with reflection is vital. Our Learning Hub provides insightful articles on self-reflection, the transition to becoming a mentor, and ending relationships positively.

These resources are designed to cultivate self-awareness and prepare employees for future mentoring roles. Additionally, our downloadable templates and the “Becoming a Great Mentor: Training Series” offer practical tools and in-depth knowledge to further enhance your team’s mentoring skills and understanding.

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