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Guider's mentoring software gives you unparalleled mentoring success, unlimited customisation and unprecedented employee engagement.

Guider has received awards for the best mentoring software features.
Guider has received awards for the best mentoring software customer support
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Powering mentoring software at leading organisations

Reduce mentoring admin and
increase impact with Guider

Limitless customisation

Guider is the only true white label mentoring platform designed solely for enterprise.

Automated matching

AI-powered matching based on more than 100 dimensions - from skill to goal.

Live reporting

Guider’s business intelligence suite puts all programme data at your fingertips, updated every 5 seconds.

Unlimited training and support

Work with Guider hand-in-hand to build your programme, recruit participants and guarantee success.

The Guider Advantage

Tom Winter

Chief Revenue Officer @ DevSkiller

“Guider is super user-friendly and offers a really well designed platform that adapts to your business needs. I’ve loved the reporting and analytics tools in particular. From the feedback we’ve had, the matching function works really well too.

Guider helps me with growing my team, which has a direct impact on the quality of work they do."

How our mentoring software works

1. Build your programmes

Unleash the unlimited potential of peer learning with multiple, simultaneous programmes on Guider. Build programmes according to your organisational needs. Guider supports everything from Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, through Graduate Schemes; to Reskilling Current Employees.

Our team will be with you every step of the way, from customising your branding on the platform, through to building custom goals and landing pages - we’ve got you covered.

2. Recruit your participants

Ensuring learners are engaged is one of the biggest challenges in L&D. We’ve recruited and trained thousands of mentors since 2019 and we’ll share our tried and tested playbooks to make sure each mentoring programme you launch goes off with a bang!

Your dedicated Programme Manager will host recruitment and training webinars for both mentors and mentees, so that every learner is ready from the get-go!

3. Run your programmes

No two mentoring programmes are exactly the same, and we’ll use our expertise to help you navigate the ins and outs of keeping your programmes on course. Monitor programme-wide goal attainment in real time with our bespoke business intelligence.

Our team will work with you to optimise your programmes as they progress, ensuring industry-leading engagement and powerful impact across your business.

4. Evaluate, rinse and repeat

Proving ROI should be a central part of every L&D initiative, but until now it’s been almost impossible to evaluate programmes effectively. Guider's software puts live, granular data at your fingertips and empowers you to demonstrate the impact of peer learning.

Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to build the business cases you need to prove the effectiveness of mentoring in your organisation.

See Guider in action

Book a 30 minute, no-obligation demo with one of our team - who’ll give you an overview of the platform and explore your goals together.

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