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We empower organisations to scale world-class mentoring and peer learning programs

We ensure global brands like M&S, LVMH and EY get the most out of their people.

Powering employee experience at world leading brands

Guider has the potential to transform lives, at scale, 
one conversation at a time.

Guy Wilkins
Clyde & Co

Mentoring is an integral part of the EY Foundation. Being able to provide a young person with a professional business mentor is very powerful, enabling them to build confidence alongside their learning and career goals.

Jodie McNally
EY Foundation

Clyde & Co

Making mentoring
more accessible

Guider began working with law firm Clyde & Co in early 2021 to help scale their mentoring program globally, feeding into their inclusion goal to give everyone access to a mentor.

Marks & Spencer

Connecting employees with remote mentoring

Marks & Spencer started using Guider as part of their digital transformation goals, and two years later we are still connecting mentors and mentees across the globe virtually.


Harnessing the power of mentoring to drive change

We are working with EY across a number of their internal and external programs, including women in leadership, closing the digital skills gap, upward mobility and much more.

Legal Geek

Transforming legal tech with Guider

With a mission to foster a diverse and inclusive pipeline of talent into the legal community, Legal Geek turned to Guider to make this a reality through virtual mentoring.


Growing powerful networks through mentorship

Pavilion (previously Revenue Collective) experienced the pain of trying to run a community mentoring program manually. Since using Guider, more people are connecting than ever.


Driving inclusion with reverse mentoring

In response to their Black Action Plan, Deloitte launched a reverse mentoring scheme where their Senior Partners were mentored by junior colleagues from BAME backgrounds.

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