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In your pricing call, we'll run through the following:

Your goals for mentoring

We'll discuss what you're looking to achieve with mentoring, so that we can structure your Guider plan around your needs.

Your mentoring programme

Your proposal is completely customised to you, so we'll chat through your ideal mentoring programme set up, how many people will be using it, and if any integrations are needed.

The Guider platform

We'll give you a quick run-through of Guider's core capabilities, and what sets us apart from other platforms, from our technology to our customisability and support.

Guider has received awards for the best mentoring software features.
Guider has received awards for the best mentoring software customer support
Guider has received awards for the best mentoring software ease of use

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A reminder of why Guider is loved by employers
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Effective for managing mentoring

"A really useful tool to manage mentoring assignments that puts everything in one place and avoids pen, paper and that ubiquitous spreadsheet!"

Stuart - Accounting Manager


Guider to transform your mentoring

"Love this platform! Super helpful for businesses who want to take mentoring seriously. Takes the hassle away from the initial matching, to being able to record progress in one place."

Johanna - Strategy Lead


Fresh, easy way to make a connection

"Allowing individuals from different functions and backgrounds across the organization to connect. We wouldn't be connecting otherwise."

Mary - Research Director

Seamless integrations. Enterprise security.

Take your L&D further and spend less time on manual admin with Guider’s integrations with your essential tools.​

Guider supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for enhanced security and compliance, and we’re fully aligned with GDPR and CCPA regulations. We also conduct regular penetration testing to ensure ongoing protection.

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