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Refer your connections who would benefit from our transformative mentoring platform and earn up to £/$1,000.

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About our referral scheme

The amount you’re paid depends on the relevance of the referral and, if it goes ahead, it’s annual contract value. For every relevant lead with a solution fit, you’ll be paid £100. For any lead that we successfully contract with, we’ll give you £400 for anything with a £5,000 annual contract value, £800 for anything over £15,000 annual contract value and £1,000 for anything over £20,000 annual contract value.

Your fee for each referral will be paid monthly, in the month following the referral. Referrals are required to attend a demo of our platform in order for you to be eligible.

Any referral fees will be paid in the month following the meeting via BACS (if the referral meets the terms and conditions for payment).

When making a referral you’ll be required to review and sign-off on the terms and conditions associated with the referral program.To view these in full, email

We can’t pay for referrals that we’re already in active discussions with. We’ll confirm this with you at the time of the referral.

If your referral has attended a demo and is in an active discussion with our team, the referral doesn’t expire. If your referral doesn’t attend their demo or becomes inactive, it’ll expire in 180 days.

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