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Sales Leaders

Onboard, develop and retain your sales team with ease

Increase time to competency and combat employee churn with our transformative mentoring and peer learning platform.

What makes Guider different for sales teams?

We recognise the unique challenges that sales teams face: with employee turnover over twice as high in Sales than other industries. Our customisable software and fantastic support team help you onboard, retain and develop your sales talent.

We understand your sales team needs


  • Increase time to competency
  • Boost retention
  • Empower team to onboard others


  • Combat employee churn
  • Offer learning and development
  • Compete with high budget companies

Hybrid working

  • Build and maintain team culture
  • Increase connectivity
  • Motivate your sales team

What Guider has done is open up mentoring at M&S. We’re now connecting different people from every area of the business.

Suzie King
Mentoring Program Manager, M&S

Build your program

Before going live, we customise yourmentoring platform:

  • Customised landing pages unique to your program
  • Work with our expert team to create a recruitment and promotion plan
  • Customise the Guider platform with your branding
  • Customise sign-up forms
  • SSO and user integrations

‍Launch and match

Using a sophisticated matching algorithm with a 96.5% matching accuracy, we customise yourmentor matching:

  • Match within the same or different regions
  • Match with different job level ranges
  • Limit the amount of relationships mentors can have

Discover how our scalable mentoring and peer learning platform can transform your organisation

Measure your success

‍Let Guider guarantee you hit your success criteriaand help align mentoring to your overall businessgoals. Our real-time metrics gives you access to:

  • Live data dashboard
  • Engagement metrics
  • Skills reports aligning to your program objectives

Get the latest news, tips and guides to help you
make the most of mentoring and peer learning

We’re with you every step of the way

Guider provides unparalleled support including:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Internal comms and promotion support
  • Promotional events and webinars
  • Exclusive materials and resources
  • Guider People Network community learning

Discover how our scalable mentoring and peer learning platform can transform your organisation

Highest rated solution by organisations and employees

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